Six Al Qaeda men killed in Yemeni air strike

Six Al Qaeda men killed in Yemeni air strike

2Aden, May 14 (IANS) At least six Al Qaeda militants were killed when their convoy was bombed by Yemeni military helicopters in Yemen’s south-eastern province of Shabwa Tuesday, authorities said.

“Military helicopters struck an Al Qaeda weapon convoy composed of three pick-up trucks in Bayhan region on Shabwa’s outskirts, killing six terrorists at the scene,” Xinhua quoted a government official as saying.

An army officer confirmed the incident, saying the fighter jets struck the arms convoy in a remote area linking Shabwa and Marib.

“The targeted convoy was carrying different kinds of weapons and ammunition from Shabwa to Al Qaeda militants in north-eastern province of Marib,” the army officer said, adding that the arms cargo was completely destroyed.

The Yemeni army, backed by the US military support, has waged a wide-scale assault against Al Qaeda strong-holds since late April. Territories in Azzan and Mahfad — two of Al Qaeda’s main bastions — have been recaptured.

The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), considered a major threat to the Yemeni government and neighbouring oil-rich Saudi Arabia, has vowed to hit Yemen’s main cities, including capital Sanaa, and has carried out suicide car attacks and roadside bombings across the country.

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