Sid Mallya to contest elections

Sid Mallya to contest elections

15Sid Mallya has announced his candidacy as an independent in this year’s general elections. According to a post on his official Instagram account @sidmallya, he is all set to ‘take out the trash’. He also calls himself the `The last honest man`.

Sid, who is known to be a party animal, always attending the biggest parties and events and hobnobbing with the who’s who of the world, has larger interests which apparently lie in the betterment of humanity. He believes that taking part in this year’s elections would be the best way for him to bring about a positive change. Sid wants to leverage his social standing to contest the elections, which are going to take place from 7th April to 16th May, 2014.

Sid Mallya thinks that he will be able to form the right government, as he describes himself as ‘Unbribeable’ and the ‘the jaw line of change’. Sid has surely been doing his bit for the society, which shows that he has a soft heart, but what people really want to know is whether Sid Mallya can be an able leader. Only time will tell!

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