Shri Krishna manifests multitude facets of emotions….

He reminisce us that good always prevails

By Nidhi Kumari

Janmashtmi Mahotsav is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Krishna is

known for His innocence, His loving nature, His gullible actions, His flirtatious

temperament, His might, His dynamism, His love for his friend, His affection for

His devotees and His divinity.

Legend has it, that Kans imprisoned his father Ugrasen and took over the throne.

He was a cruel king and committed atrocities on the people of Mathura and of

nearby villages. His sister Devaki married Vasudev. One night, a prophecy from

the sky indicated that Kans would be killed by the eighth son of Devaki. Fearing

for his life, Kans imprisoned his sister Devaki and Vasudev. He also started killing

all the children Devaki gave birth to.

On the stormy night of Amavasya the eighth avtar of Lord Vishnu as Shri Krishna

was born to end the cruelties of Kans.

Vishnu told Vasudev and Devaki that their eighth child is His avtar and that He

would end all the evils from the society. On finding the guards drunk in sleep

Vasudev came out of the jail to put the child in safe hands.

Amid a stormy and torrential night, Vasudev with the help of Sheshnaag crossed

river Yamuna and safely brought little Krishna to Yashoda and Nand Baba’s

house which was close to the banks of the river (Yamuna). Yashoda had given

birth to a baby girl; Vasudev took the girl and placed Krishna there.

When Kans came into the prison to kill the eighth child of Devaki he found the

little girl. When he was about to kill her, the girl raised in the air, She was Goddess

Yog Maya and She told Kans that his death was already born.

Since then Krishna lived with Yashoda and Nand Baba, who took care of Him like

their own child. Krishna grew up in Gokul and with the help of His brother Balram

killed the devil king, Kans.

Krishna Janmashtmai is celebrated to commemorate the Krishna who shall rid us

of all the evils, of all the malice. With colourful tableaux exhibiting the various

sides and facets of Shri Krishna, Janmashtmi is observed with bhajans, kirtans, and

the devotees smearing themselves completely in Him.

As a little Krishna, also known as Bal Gopal, He loved stealing Makhan or home

made butter and Dahi (curd) with His gang of Gwalas. Little Krishna only looked

more cute when He would lie to His foster mother Yashoda after stealing the


Krishna would play divine tunes on his flute while, a group of Gopis would circle

around to listen to Him. Krishna would flirt with the Gopis but His love remained

true and pure for Radha. Krishna is incomplete without Radha. This is why where

there’s Radha, there’s Krishna, where there’s Krishna, there’s Radha.

Krishna and His friendship with Sudama, is also noteworthy. The playful activities

they involved themselves in. The mischief they did together, all bring a smile.

Krishna and His divinity is incalculable. He is invincible. He showed His Viraat

Roop in the battle field of Mahabharata and His strength and vigour while

defeating Kans.

Our mythological manuscripts cement and bolster the feeling of walking in the

right path. That the evil is always destroyed and that the good always prevails. Our

legends mirror not just good and bad people, it mirrors our soul. The continuous

fight that goes within our soul; the angel and the devil that are constantly fighting

inside us; it is on us to decide who shall take over whom.

Janmashtmi Mahotsav reminds us of paying heed towards righteousness, towards

virtue through Krishna Leela which is immeasurable, which is divine, which is

everywhere, in every particle, in every human being. He is immense and endless.

Immerse yourself Him!

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