Sherwood State School Fete 2016

Sherwood State School Fete 2016

By Ashutosh Raina

Saturday 7th May, 2016 is the date for this year’s Sherwood State School Fete, which is the most important fundraising effort for the school and the local community. Starting at around 9 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening, this is a full day family activity for the whole community.

With a footfall of close to 3000, on the day, this is one of the highly attended FETE in the area.

As a refresher, the first Sherwood “fete” was held on 23 September 1918. J J J

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#SherwoodSchoolFETE is an important community event and provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase our school to the local community and to foster the community spirit that is well known in our area. With a successful FETE event last year, where we raised $65,000 plus, thanks to the dedication of parents, enthusiasm of our kids, sponsors and a generous community, we started the activity planning for this years’ FETE in Nov 2015 itself. There were new ideas, new committee members, new planning activities – all catered to since then.

Fete Day is an ideal day for cultural activities and delicious food stalls. Stalls selling cakes, jams, sweets, second-hand toy stall, book stall and the nearly-new clothes stall, creative gifts and/or garden stall. Apart from all that, fun activity for kids is the hallmark of this event – create-a-cup cake, chocolate toss and face painting stalls. There are rides and amusements, and lots of choices of food.

Parents, and kids, can have entertainment all day long, which includes class performances, school musical groups, the Sherwood Arrows skipping team and bands.  This includes ballet, belly dance, choir, multicultural performances and many activities.

A Raffle is drawn on the day (tickets go home to families to sell a month before the Fete) and there is a Silent Auction with a wide array of wonderful items.

We have got local businesses contributing for the event.

The amount of money raised in the last couple of years has provided a massive boost to the school’s facilities and the standard of educational material we can offer to our kids – Laser levelled and top dressed the ground/oval – making it a much safer place for lunch time activities, purchased new class laptops and ipads and extended the junior boys toilets – are some of the activities performed.

7th May is approaching and we would like community to participate and make this successful. So stay tuned and please volunteer your time and ideas.



Hashtag: #SherwoodSchoolFETE

Media & Communication: Ash Raina – / 0403208908.

Looking forward to see you soon!

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