Seven of a family shot dead in Pakistan

Seven of a family shot dead in Pakistan

15Islamabad, April 25 (IANS/EFE) Seven members of a family were Friday killed when two armed men shot at the vehicle in which they were travelling in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, police said.

The incident took place on the highway between Swabi and Peshawar city, when they were going to see off at Peshawar airport a man who was going to take a plane to Saudi Arabia.

A police officer said the attack occurred due to a dispute between clans.

Six other members of the same family were also wounded.

“It is a dispute between family clans although for now we don’t have more details,” Yihad Khan, a police officer investigating the case, said.

He revealed that among those who died was the young man who was travelling to Saudi Arabia, his parents and four cousins.

The attack was carried out in the Yar Hussain area by two men who fled the scene after the attack, Khan said.

According to an earlier report, five people were killed and eight others were wounded.

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