Saturn Turns!

Celeb Astro-Numerologist ‘Sanjay B Jumaani’ shares some valuable information on Saturn or Shani:

We’d suggested readers to write ’15 {1+5=6, Venus, Harmony} instead of 2015 {2015=8, Saturn or Shani, Lord of Trials}.

When all was hunky-dory with the Indian Stock Markets and even the Global economy, we had warned of tough times ahead in the New Year predictions that can be seen on or can be googled too.

Apart from the economy, there have been many tragedies too on dates that we had indicated as fatalistic in the year of No 8, {2015=8} Saturn, the strict Lord of Trials.

Saturn rules Librans {jointly with 6, Venus} hence perhaps the symbol of Libra is the Scales.

Text Messages of disasters on dates adding to 8 are now doing the rounds but for years we have been saying that the Numbers, 4 {Uranus or Rahu} and 8 {Saturn or Shani} are extremely volatile, especially when they come across each other.

Apart from Nepal (adds to 22=4) that witnessed a huge Quake, in 2015 (8} Syria & Libya where militancy is brewing both add to 8, IS on the other hand sums to No 4 so ISIS will give us 8.

The Paris attacks happened on Friday the 13th (4)!

Tragedy struck the ill-fated Russian plane crash on a double ‘4’ date as 31+10+2015=4 again on a Saturday (Shaniwar)!

The plane carried 224 (8) people!

The recent Earthquake in Hindukush was on a Double 8 Date as 26+10+2015=8 too.

That it was also the 44th (8) week of the year can’t be another ‘co-incidence’.

The massive Tsunami that took over 2.25 lakh lives was on a triple 8 date as 26+12+2004=8; Capricorn Ruler is 8, Saturn too !

Not many Indians will ever forget 26/11 when Ajmal Kasab and his team plundered our dignity and lives! India’s worst terror attack lasted 62 (8) Hours in Her 62nd (8) year of Independence when terrorism was at an All-Time high!

Then Manish Market was gutted down too in a blaze on a 26/11!

26/11 is also the birthday of LTTE Commando Chief, Prabhakaran too!

26/1-Bhuj Quake saw a huge Catastrophe.


26/7-Mumbai Floods

26/7-Ahemedabad Blasts

08/9 Malegaon Blasts

08/10-Pak-Srinagar Quake

Bhopal and Uttarakhand both add to 8 by their names.

Tale of four 67’s!

While J Jayalalithaa was jailed in her 67th (13=4) year, Sahara Shri too was (House) arrested in his 67th on 4th (March) !

Get goose-bumps thinking about my prediction on Big B’s 67th year predicting his stomach problem.

Unfortunately he was hospitalised just 3 days after prediction.

Hema Malini was in her 67th (=13) year too when in news for her fatal car-accident!

17-17-17-17= Malaysian Airlines Tragedy!

MH-17 added to  26 as M=4, H=5 and 4+5+17=26; it was shot down on 17/7.

Tragedy not only happened on 17/7, it first flew on the very same date,17 July (1997) to have a life of exactly 17 years!

Last 17/7 was also the 197th (17=8) day of the year!

Ukraine that’s already brewing with militancy adds to 22!

17+7+2014=4 too!

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Plane not found?

The fact that the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 was the 404th (8) Boeing 777 produced is not only mind blowing!

Did you know the date & Day of disappearance?

It vanished on 8th March, that was also a Saturday! (Shaniwar)!

And if you are No 8, take consolation from the fact that past 2 Indian PM’s too are No 8’s! That both their names added to their lucky numbers is something that brings them luck. Dr Manmohan Singh adds to No 1 while Narendra Modi adds to 5; 1,3,5 & 6 are the best Numbers for No ‘s.

Saturn teaches us that life is not always a bed of roses; it puts certain hurdles in our path so that we learn patience and become strong and determined to reach our goals. This helps enhance our personality; also when Saturn gives, it can give in abundance. No 8 is also quite spiritual, which is why we see most of the great saints born mostly on the 8th 17th 26th.

‘Sadde Satti’ is something that most of us are aware of.

To appease Saturn, hard work and good deeds are the best ways as Saturn is like a strict FBI Officer who can’t be bribed! Alongside this, by using one’s lucky numbers, colors and a fortunate name one can avoid a lot of problems connected to this number.

Tera  kya  hoga  kaaliya?

Black represents Saturn, the strict Lord of Trials and Judgment. Wearing Black can make us invite Saturn. Unless our hard work and karms are spotless, one must not summon Shani, that can be like a ‘Sati’ test.

Thanks to us, none of the teams in IPL sport Black, which is considered as inauspicious in many communities, also the color of mourning.

Years ago I had warned Sahara Shri Subroto Roy who overdid Black and got his staff to wear Black uniforms too. Not only is he beleaguered, last year his team Pune Warriors that wore Black shut shop too!

SRK’s KKR were at the bottom of all first 4 IPL seasons; till they changed their uniform to purple at our suggestion. Didn’t hurt them! They picked 2 Trophies in 3 years soon after the change!

Elders too have rightly been discouraging us from wearing black.

The extreme side of Saturn or # 8 can be gauged with the following incidents too.

Siddhu was in a fatal road-rash in his 26th (8) yr, jailed in 44th!

Ex CM Ashok Rao Chavan was ousted in his 53rd year, Sharad Pawar slapped in his 71st!

SRK broke shoulder, his film Billu and KKR did miserably in his 44th, Akshay struggled for a hit in his 44th!

Same time A R Rehman brought home Oscars in his 44th, Gary Kirsten picked the World Cup for India in his 44th!

Villain Kaun? Not Shani, surely!



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