Sarkozy promises to build ‘Republic of confidence’

Paris, May 30 (IANS) Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is also the boss of the right-wing newly renamed Les Republicains party pledged on Saturday to restore the confidence of discontented voters.

“It is not a dream, it’s just our ambition, the Republic of confidence. That’s why we became Republicans,” Sarkozy said, Xinhua reported.

“We must restore confidence of the French in knowledge, in science, in reason, in progress,” chanted the former head of state.

“The Republic of confidence is one that respects the family and supports it,” he added.

In the closing speech of Les Republicains’ first congress, the conservative leader declared the “revival” of his political camp, in a move to put behind the series of scandals that weakened the conservatives and to consolidate their bid for the presidency in 2017.

In an electronic poll, 83 percent of the right-wing political camp voted in favour of renaming the party which “is a rallying call to all who are distressed to see the Republic decline day after day and who want to stop this decline,” Sarkozy wrote on the party’s new website.

With incumbent President Francois Hollande’s approval rating being at a record low on rising public anger over unfruitful policy, Sarkozy eyes with Les Republicains’ leadership to book a ticket to the Elysee Palace in 2017, betting on his political credentials and dynamism which earned him in 2007 the highest popularity ratings of any leader since Charles de Gaulle.

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