r0_0_3440_2325_w1200_h678_fmaxA safety audit for Harris Park will be undertaken by Parramatta City Council and NSW

Police from the Parramatta Local Area Command, following a meeting with Geoff Lee

MP, Member for Parramatta, Cr Scott Lloyd, Lord Mayor, Parramatta City Council and

Superintendent Wayne Cox, Commander, NSW Police Parramatta LAC.

Following community concerns about recent incidents in the Harris Park area, a safety

audit has been agreed upon to reduce the fear of crime and to build community

confidence about safety in the area.

A community meeting will also be held following the outcome of the safety audit to

update residents about planned actions.

Geoff Lee said “It is important to ensure the community is kept up to speed about

future proposals for safety in the area.”

Parramatta City Council has maintained extensive CCTV coverage in Harris Park

since 2011 with 12 permanent and mobile cameras currently operating in strategic

locations. Those cameras are due to be upgraded as part of Stage 2 of the Citysafe

CCTV program, which will commence shortly.

“We will be adding extra cameras to the CBD as well as Harris Park, Westmead and

Granville. There is also a tender out to upgrade Wigram Street, Harris Park with better

lighting and improved sightlines to improve safety,” Cr Lloyd said.

“Harris Park is a vibrant community with so much to offer for residents, workers and

visitors. The recent violence is unacceptable, and we will continue to work closely

with the NSW Police to assist their efforts to ensure the safety of the Harris Park


The installation of “Smart Poles”, encompassing a range of functions including CCTV,

lighting, telecommunications and banners will be also be considered following the


Commander Wayne Cox said “The safety audit is predominantly focused on the

environmental factors that may contribute to crime, such as lighting, foliage removal

and areas of concealment. It’s about making maximum use of the area by the

community to deter and report any criminal behaviour.”

Commander Cox encourages all community members to report any crime to Police

and any information related to any of the crime that has occurred in the Harris Park


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