Sadie Frost sprinkles salt to absorb negative energy

Sadie Frost sprinkles salt to absorb negative energy

7Los Angeles, Sep 24 (IANS) Actress Sadie Frost likes to sprinkle salt across the doorways of his house to absorb all the negative energy.

The 49-year-old, who divorced Jude Law in 2003 after six years of marriage, has turned to the unusual technique to rid her home of bad feeling and she also encourages people to break up blocked energy in their homes by walking around chanting and hitting a gong, reports

Discussing the salt method in her upcoming wellbeing book, “Nourish”, she states: ”Leave for 24 hours, by which time it should have absorbed all the negativity.”

In the book, Frost also gives tips on yoga, food, nutrition, exercise and meditation, which she does six times a week to rid herself of all the ”craziness” in her life.
”It is kind of stepping back from the little things that are bothering you. When you’re thinking, ‘Oh I’ve got to go to the shop and buy some stamps.’ It’s getting rid of all that craziness,” she said.

”I might go to the park and just do a walking meditation, which is just walking the dogs,” she added.

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