Sabrini Chef of the Year & Samosa Championship 2016

Sabrini Chef of the Year & Samosa Championship 2016

The first ever cooking contest to declare the ‘Sabrini Chef of the Year’ was held recently. There were three events: Sabrini Home chef of the Year 2016, Sabrini Samosa competition for Ladies and Sabrini Samosa Champion for Men.

Sabrini Home chef of the Year 2016:

This was the first ever cooking competition in association with the Hindu Council of Australia. The competition had 5 categories. Over 60 entries were received online. And the participants came with their prepared dishes, the finishing of which was done at the stall.

The International judge, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi evaluated all the dishes on their presentation and innovation via video link. 4 judges on the site from prominent restaurants such as Maya, Neelam, Haveli and Mantra restaurants were part of the tasting panel.

Each participant was given 2 minutes to present, talk and answer questions about their dish. After all presentations the judges unanimously evaluated and declared winners in each category. Awards were given on stage with the certificates by Hindu Council and Raji Foods, the sponsor of the whole event.

sabriniSabrini Samosa competition for Ladies:
There were 50 Entries out of which 10 were selected by draw of lots .
They had to finish a plate full of Sabrini products , which included Sabrini Wrap , Sabrini Samosa , Sabrini Potli Samosa,  Sabrini railway cutlet and Sabrini crackling seekh kebab from Snack pack. Fastest to finish became the winner; runner up and second runner up.

“Interestingly one lady participated just because her son wanted her to win a competition and the crown and amazingly she was the one to win,” Mukesh Pahwa from Sabi Foods said.

“We crowned  her on the stage as the “Sabrini Samosa Queen ” and she won a $100/- Sabrini Voucher,” Pahwa added.

Sabrini Samosa Championship for Men:

The competition was the same but the enthusiasm and spirit was at a very high level . 80 entries were received amidst the nail biting wait to get into the competition.

There were loud cheers from the crowd. The atmosphere was intense. And after a neck to neck war, the winners were finally announced.

The champion was crowned as the “Samosa King 2016 “. He got a certificate and Sabrini voucher of $100/- The first and the second runner up also got Sabrini Vouchers.

Hindu council member Mr Ashwani and Mr Sanjeev Bhakri were the award presenters along with Raji Foods members who felicitated the winners with the certificate.

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