Sabi foods bring Australia’s First Chef-Designed Indian Food Range-Sabrini

Sabi foods bring Australia’s First Chef-Designed Indian Food Range-Sabrini

By-Nidhi Kumari 

sabrini 1 He is the backbone of Sabi foods who made the brand Pattu a household name and it is under his guidance that Sabi foods has been able to carve a place of its own and is bracketed among one of the most sought after food brands in Australia; he’s  Uvaraja Hariramkrishnan or Raja as he’s popularly called. The young entrepreneur talks to Indus Age about Sabi foods, the expectations from Sabrini- Australia’s First Chef-Designed Indian Food Range!, and a lot more:

  1. Sabi foods have satiated the taste buds of Indians in Australia for years now, with the launch of Sabrini, the brand has added another feather in its cap. What do you have to say on that?

 Yes, we have been doing this for years but we have to do something more at all times in any business, especially in food as taste buds change with time. We wanted to create recipes specifically designed for the Indian Ethnic market, rather than just bringing in something that was created overseas without having the knowledge of the taste buds of local Indians in Australia. Hence, we engaged Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, who is just not a celebrity Chef, but his recipes’ are the most popular one on the internet. Many have used his recipes and are impressed that they are that simple and works for them. Thus the creation of Sabrini!

  1. Sabrini food is the creation of veteran Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi which raises the level of expectations on its own. What is your take on that?

You are right, Sabrini is a premium brand, that too created and endorsed by Chef Harpal, which takes it to next level. Been in food business for last 17 years in Australia, we decided to bring a new range in frozen snack foods which will be beyond customers expectation, which is now being achieved having Chef Harpal, thus creating products with a twist that has Celebrity chef’s  signature on it.

  1. What according to you will attract food lovers to Sabrini, apart from it being Australia’s First Chef-Designed Indian Food Range?

That it is different, some products are unique to Australian market (such as Potli samosa, Railway Cutlet, Crackling sheek kebak, Hara Bara Kebab, Shammi Kebak etc). We not only encourage consumers to use our products as is, but we value add through different other uses of our product. One such example is that our Railway Cutlet, can be transformed quickly into Bhaji (for Pav Bhaji), our crackling sheek kebab put into Mexican taco with some lettuce and Mayo will be good mix of Indian and Mexican. Chef has created a recipe book to value add to our

products. Apart from being different, apart from being  good in taste, we also value add to our products with such great ideas which is an experience using Sabrini.


  1. Which is that one food item of Sabrini, one must try?

I would say all – as they are all different. My personal favourite is Railway Cutlet, just because of my old memories back in India. I recommend all, Potli Samosa & Chilli Milli are performing very high is sales volume. Our wraps are whole meal and juicy, which is a perfect light meal and getting good reviews from those who have tried it. Our Samosas are fried in Ghee which makes a difference in taste compared to any samosa. I can go on – better, try all or one at a time.


  1. With plethora of Indian food brands in Australia the competition in the market is intense. What have been your strategies to cope with it?


Competition is on the rise but we have an edge on the uniqueness, taste, packaging and endorsement from a Celebrity chef. We are the only brand in Indian Frozen Food having a Celeb Chef signature. We are creating awareness in the market which is giving us excellent results.


  1. What else is in store for the Indian food lovers that can be expected from Sabi Foods?

We cover food from raw ingredients, such as spices, lentils, rice to oil, ghee, chutneys, sauces etc. to prepared food such as Ready to curries (shelf stable), mithai’s  to frozen food and the list goes on.


A peek into the Sabrini Samosa Championship 2015

A contest was organised by Raji Foods in the Diwali Mela at Paramatta Park in November that saw huge participation from the enthusiastic crowd. Ten finalists were selected and had their race against time. The contestants were offered Sabrini  Wrap, Asli Punjabi Samosas , Chilli Milli Samosas, Potli Samosa and Batata Vadas. Amid all the competition zeal and excitement, in the end the contestant number four , a young man of 25 years , won the competition and was declared as the First Sabrini Samosa King taking with him the Trophy , the Voucher of $250/- and a certificate.

You can taste the delicious food range too next time you go to the shops. Also Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is ready to write to you if you have any questions on Indian cooking, go to to find out more. Who knows, you could be the Next Samosa King

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