Replace Your Unhealthy Habit With A Healthier Behaviour!

Replace Your Unhealthy Habit With A Healthier Behaviour!

By Adam Bugaj

Bad habits stand between you and your goals.

They interrupt your life, jeopardize your health (both physical and mental), and they waste your time.

Now that you’re a master at building good habits , it’s time to take out the trash.

Eliminating bad habits from your routine will have an astounding impact on your life.

Now,you know which habits I’m talking about, but here’s the unfortunate truth:

Just about every time we try to eliminate a bad habit, we fail.

If we know these habits are so bad for us, and if we truly desireto banish these habits once and for all, how on earth do we createreal, lasting change?

Let me show you ‘how’.

First, it’s important to understand this truth.

This might be hard to believe, but every single habitof yours, whether good or bad, benefits you in some way or another. Even if it does more harm than good, it’s there for a reason.

Are you a chronic smoker?It probably helps you de-stress.

Do you constantly check your phone? It might make you feel connected.

Caffeine addict? It’s likely you rely on that ‘energy boost’ to get through your day.

That ‘benefit’ is the very reason your habit exists in the first place!

And because these bad habits provide some form of ‘benefit’ in your life, it’s very difficult to listen to your parents’ advice and simply “stop doing them”.

If, for example, you smoke when stressed, then it’s a naive plan to simply ‘stop smoking’ when that happens.

Your best bet for long term success is to replace yourunhealthyhabit with a healthier behaviour which creates that same benefit!

All it takes is 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose a substitute.

You don’t ‘break’ bad habits, you just ‘replace’ them.

Now that you’ve figured out the ‘benefit’ your bad habit creates, your goal is to switch your unhealthy habit for a healthy one, which creates that same benefit.

You smoke to de-stress?

What you must do is find a different way to deal with stress, and insert that behaviour into your routine instead of having a smoke.

The most successful replacements?

Those which create the experiences of ‘taking a break’, ‘ingesting something’, ‘reducing stress’, and ‘feeling momentarily different’:
– Going for a walk

– Having a crunchy snack

– Breathing exercises
– Having a coffee

Step 2. Cut out the triggers.

You always reach for the cookies when they’re in the house? Throw them all away.

You smoke when you drink? Then don’t go to the bar.

Make it easier for yourself to break bad habits by avoiding the situations that cause them.

Step 3. Multiply your power.

Ever wonder why people tend to have more success when they work as part of a team? Whether the goal is weight loss, quitting smoking, or going sober – having others hold you to your word is an incredibly motivating accountability tool.

Just remember this key:

If you’re looking for the first step to breaking your bad habits, start with awareness.

Understanding the how, where, who, and why of your habits will show you how to actually make a change.

Breaking bad habits takes time, effort, and plenty of perseverance. You would’ve heard that most people who succeed often try and fail several times before they make it work. Commit to the process, persevere,be kind to yourself, and eventually, you will undoubtedly be the change.

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