Reforms for building and plumbing industries

Reforms for building and plumbing industries

163710-afd5a8fa-6ed2-11e4-b2e3-ff776def1d7cCommerce Minister Michael Mischin today announced a package of regulatory reforms to help Western Australia’s building and plumbing industries save money and work more efficiently.

The reforms will include free online access to the National Construction Code; online lodgement and processing of building approval applications; online and mobile lodgement of plumbing notices; online lodgement of registration applications and renewals; and online and mobile access to building and plumbing information.

Mr Mischin said home owners would benefit from increased transparency, better customer service, and faster access to building information during the building process.

“What we want in WA are forward-looking, technologically advanced and internationally competitive building and plumbing industries,” he said.

“High volume transactions such as applications for permits and registration, and submitting certificates, notices and payments will now be streamlined and processed electronically.

“There are 138 local government and three State Government permit authorities, all of which have different building approval processes.

“Plumbers submit over 135,000 paper notices of intent and work certificates each year. In addition, the Building Commission deals with 10,200 registration and licensing applications a year.

“Online lodgement and processing will be available 24 hours a day and will improve speed and efficiency of processing applications, reducing red tape and increasing productivity.”

The reforms will be funded through a 0.047 per cent increase in the building services levy, representing an increase in the levy rate for a $200,000 house of $95 from $180 to $275.

The Minister said increasing the levy was a necessary step in the State Government’s goal of supporting WA’s building and plumbing industries to become more innovative and productive.

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