Ramayana – An Epic to Inspire

Ramayana – An Epic to Inspire

7Swami “Rama is infinite, infinite are his virtues and the dimensions of his story are also immeasurable” (Ramcharitamanas ~ Bala-Kanda, Do: 33).

Following huge success in Melbourne, the stage production “Rama: Prince of Power” is coming to Sydney in May 2015. This production has been put together by the youth of Chinmaya Mission Australia (Chinmaya Yuva Kendra) in short known as CHYK. Having sold out three shows in the last 8 months, to a combined audience of over 2,500 people in Melbourne, we now bring this fantastic show to Sydney on May 16 (Saturday). Performing in a large scale is nothing new to Chinmaya Mission; where in 2006, the CHYK’s of Melbourne performed this great epic with an added twist. It was called Ramayana at the park, and was staged in a public park in Melbourne, under the guidance of H.H Swami Swaroopananda. The event was free to the public and was a great success with over 10,000 people attending two shows.

In 2010 CHYK Sydney brought to Sydney “A Journey of a Master” the story of the Great Master H.H. Swami Chinmayananda, another sold out show. CHYKs participated in all aspects of the project, allowing them to build and exercise many of their co-ordination, leadership and project management skills. Now Chyk Australia (combination of Melbourne and Sydney youth) brings you a National Show: Rama: Prince of Power.

For those who aren’t very familiar with the story; the Ramayana is unmatched in its story-telling with the perfect balance of love, drama, and hope. It is unparalleled in its exemplification of India’s rich history, poetry and literature, all implied with a simple story reflective of the essence of our heritage; our dharma (duty and ethics). Whether it be tips on how to live happily and harmoniously your daily life or understanding the Highest Truth of one’s own Divinity or simply enjoying a wonderful story; the Ramayana is sure to satisfy all.

In the simplest terms, Ramayana means the story of Sri Rama. In Sanskrit, ayanam also means the goal and the path. The path walked and the life that was lived by Lord Rama. The Ramayana for those who are familiar is an instant best-seller with no words needed to justify its brilliance. But add to it, the dynamism and dedication of today’s youngsters along with their determination to share their best with the community and you have a show that you cannot, and SHOULD not miss. The story will take you on a journey of Sri Rama portrayed through the artistic ability of skilled youngsters in the crafts of drama, song and dance. An uninterrupted two and half hour show will captivate the senses and have you on the edge of your seats, appealing easily to your every emotion.

Many of us have been inspired by the glorious life of Sri Rama and many of the Ramayana’s wonderful characters. Whether it is the sheer strength and dedication of Hanumanji, or the love of Bharata towards Sri Rama; this story has a personal significance for each and every one of us. Bring all your friends and come with your entire family to learn, listen and be entertained every second of the play. This play is for everyone from a child to the elders, from east of the world to the west. All will love this stage show. Come witnessing the story of Lord Rama live, and in English. A once in a life time experience.

We at Chinmaya Mission Sydney, sincerely request all of you to COME AND JOIN US on the 16th of May on this wonderful journey to witness RAMA: PRINCE OF POWER. Those who have witnessed this spectacle insist that they would watch the show again. So please book your tickets before they sell out; details for which are on the poster. Visit the Facebook event page for any details and updates : https://www.facebook.com/events/633933270086051/

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