Pru Goward med rel: Blue-collar jobs boom in Western Sydney

Pru Goward med rel: Blue-collar jobs boom in Western Sydney

1Minister for Planning Pru Goward today announced Western Sydney is at the centre of a new blue-collar jobs boom, with latest figures showing a three year high in industrial developments, most of which is occurring in Western Sydney.

The Employment Lands Development Report released today shows uptake of industrial land in Sydney is up 37% since 2012, and Western Sydney now accounts for around 70% of existing industrial land for jobs.

“In Sydney, 196 hectares of employment lands were snapped up last year, an increase of 53 hectares from the previous year at 143 hectares,” Ms Goward said.

“This significant increase in take-up of ‘land for jobs’, comes on the back of a tough economic climate for manufacturing and industry across Australia.

“But while some well-known manufacturers are shuttering their operations in other states, Western Sydney is emerging as a growth centre for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

“Western Sydney is already an economic powerhouse, but now it’s experiencing a renaissance in industrial land development and jobs. It is a vote of confidence in the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s policies to rebuild NSW.”

Ms Goward said the jobs growth comes from approvals for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

“The value of industrial development approvals grew over 20 per cent, from $510 to $650 million last year.

Ms Goward said the NSW Government was already investing heavily in better infrastructure like roads and rail to boost the supply of developable land for jobs.

“The NSW Government is building infrastructure in Western Sydney to support accessible jobs, close to homes and on public transport routes,” Ms Goward said.

“We’re backing Western Sydney, by investing in better road networks with the $70 million upgrade of Old Wallgrove Road, and the widening of the M2.

“And last month, we announced the expansion of Western Sydney Employment Area to ensure there is more supply of land for jobs close to where people are choosing to live.

“This is a Government delivering jobs and infrastructure for the people of Western Sydney, and we are planning for the future.”

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