• Motorcycles with new mounted radars will be patrolling roads and highways
  • The number of speed cameras will more than double in regional WA
  • For the first time during Easter, covert hoon cameras will be deployed on regional roads

The State Government has unleashed new motorcycle mounted speed radars and covert hoon cameras on regional roads as it declared there will be zero tolerance for dangerous and illegal driving this Easter holiday.

Deputy Premier, Police and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey signalled the warning while launching the WA Police Easter Traffic campaign as the police Traffic Enforcement Group deployed throughout the State.

Mrs Harvey said the four days of Easter were the busiest time of the year on the State’s roads and therefore the greatest risk for a crash.

“My message to motorists is to drive defensively.  Not only do you need to have road safety at the front of mind throughout your entire journey, you need to expect that other drivers might not do the right thing,” she said.

The Minister said like each Easter, WA Police would use everything in its traffic arsenal to help keep Western Australian roads safe.

“For the first time during Easter, we will be deploying our new fleet of covert hoon cameras to regional WA,” she said.

“For the first time in WA we will also trial radars mounted on motorcycles and new unmarked cars will also be patrolling roads and highways.”

Mrs Harvey said regional Western Australian roads would also be covered by:

  • extra speed cameras and covert hoon cameras
  • booze buses
  • long range camera to detect seatbelt and mobile phone breaches
  • marked and unmarked cars and motorcycles
  • numberplate recognition technology.

“Metropolitan motorists will also see heightened traffic operations including booze buses and must remember that any police car can test for alcohol and target traffic offences,” she said.

“While police will be doing all they can to crack down on dangerous motorists, drivers themselves need to join in our campaign to reduce the risk of road trauma and simply drive safely.”

Fact File

  • Double demerits start at midnight tonight
  • The rate of fatalities in WA has reduced 34% since 2008

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