“People will be amazed to see the grandness of-Da-Bang The Tour”: Organisers

Da-Bang The Tour in Sydney is organised by ‘Cinestar Events Australia’, in association with ‘The Chocolate Room Australia’. It is organised by Sizzlin Productions and RK Developments in Melbourne. The organisers join the Indus Age team giving us an overview of what all we can expect at the Concert with a BANG!

Compiled By Nidhi Kumari 

You are organising a concert having seven stars of Bollywood, and the one and only Salman Khan.

Yogesh: It would be a desire for any promoter in the world to organise a Salman Khan show.

I have organised shows having Asha Ji, Jagadish Ji and I have been into this business for 20 years now, so the experience is working for me. We have been working day in and day out for the past 8 months. We are expecting 50,000 plus audience at the show as there will be 7 stars under one roof. The preparation is in full swing..

What can we expect at the show in Sydney?

Yogesh: A grand show! The excitement of the people, the craze is high and people from inter-states are also coming. Let me tell you that we are getting immense enquiries for tickets as Salman Khan is really a huge star..Even people from overseas are calling up to be a part for the show. And its all because of Salman Khan’s aura.

Manish Paul will be the anchor at the show. He’s a great entertainer, he goes into the crowd, meets people and he creates a lot of excitement, his humour is natural. So, the audience can expect to be entertained full on.

Sizzlin Productions has organised shows with legends like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Gurdas Maan among others. What can the people expect at the show in Melbourne?

Nick Bahl: I won’t say much. We have been organising shows since past 10-12 years. Till now we’ve been driving BMWs but now we are shifting to Rolls Royce that is the level has gone up. We have raised the level of expectation for us as well as the stars, the public and for Australia. Its a golden opportunity for us to put Australia on the map of Bollywood .

We are not targeting a small capacity but we are going ten thousand plus that demands a lot of effort, marketing, promotion and support from public which we are getting.

People in Australia often complain that they do not get value for their money. They want 3 hours of non-stop entertainment do you think Da-bang show can assure that?…

Nick: We will meet their expectations, if not then we will raise their level of expectation. If you look at the production, we have actually met the level of any Hollywood show. People will be amazed to see the grandness of the event.

Are you getting dancers from Mumbai?

Nick: Yes, everything is scripted and planned perfectly with our local partners. There will be fifty odd dancers flying for the show.

We are a part of the show and I invite everyone to be a part of the show. Come to the show watch it LIVE and you will be a part of history. You will have each cent paid out. Right there! If you wait till the last moment for tickets you will miss the chance.

This is your first show and you are starting with a Rolls Royce. How’s the preparation.

Yajju: Preparation is going well. We have the experience of the biggest event managers with us Cinetstar and Sizzlin. I know its going to be a grand event with the best production team.

Please buy your tickets now as the tickets are selling fast, the show will be happening in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, be a part of the show. Don’t Miss it!

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