Pawan Kumar: Pay only if you like content

Pawan Kumar: Pay only if you like content

18Chennai, March 17 (IANS)¬†Filmmaker Pawan Kumar, who rose to prominence with his Kannada independent film “Lucia”, is testing the waters with an alternative distribution system where the audience will pay for a film only if they like the content.

“How do we know if what we are paying for is worth the money? As an answer to such opinion, we are testing this new model. You can watch the ‘Making of Lucia’ documentary for free and pay for it only if you like it,” Pawan posted on Facebook page.

He says if the experiment works out, it will benefit independent films.

“The results from the experiment can help us make ‘indie’ films and work out an alternative distribution method to release it. We don’t have to depend on theatres alone to reach out to you,” he posted.

Pawan, who collected over Rs.50 lakh through crowd-funding to make “Lucia”, is planning to remake it in Hindi.

Meanwhile, “Lucia” is being remade in Tamil featuring Siddharth in the lead.

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