4Padma Shri, a highly regarded civilian award of India, recipient Pankaj Udhas, a voice and talent loved and revered by Indians all over the world, entertained an audience to a magical evening of Ghazalson Friday 10th October 2014, performing some of his most recognised musical renditions.

The housefulaudience who were present at the‘Jashn’, which means ‘celebration’,concert also had the privilege of being made part of history when Pankaj Udhas’s latest album “Khamoshi Ki Aawaz” was launched. This was a rare occasion where a musical album had been launched in another country by an artist from India and fans on the night were able to purchase autographed copies of ‘Khamoshi Ki Aawaz’.

A well-known name in the world of ghazal singing, Pankaj Udhas has been widely felicitated for popularising the ghazal genre of music and the experience of being at the great ghazal singer’s live show cannot be expressed by mere words but the effect his presence had on audience who were overwhelmed from the moment Pankaj Udhas graced the stage with his presence to the moment he left.

The audience sat enthralled and enchanted recognising the songs with the strains of the first musical notes being played and sang along to all of them. The reaction of the fans present in the cosy comfort of the Science Theatre at the University of New South Wales where they were treated to an evening of varied old and new favourites. Beginning of each song bringing appreciative clapping from the audience which continued for the duration of the songs as a measure of the enjoyment of the performance.

Each song resonating with the fans on a personal level whether it was the light hearted ‘Sabko Maloom Hai Main Sharaabi Nahin’, Sukh Dukh Tha Ek Sabka’ or the soulful renditions of ‘Chitti Aaye Hai’ from the film “Naam” which managed to leave very few dry eyes in the audience.

It was a night of musical extravaganza, in that not only were the audience honoured to be listening to one of the greats of Indian music in Pankaj Udhas but were also entertained by the world class musicians, from being mesmerized by Nasir Husen Qureshi on the Mandolin, Rajendra Singh Sodha on the violin to being hypnotized by the rhythm of the tablas played by Ustad Rashid Mustafa,Dholak by Nirmal Singh Pawar and with Vishal Dhumal on keyboard.

Pankaj Udhas had the audience enraptured by his music and singing throughout the evening with one beautiful offer after another, ending on a high with a trip down nostalgia lane with a medley of his popular songs which included hits like ‘Dil Deta Hai Roh Roh Duhayee’, ‘Na Kajre Ki Dhar’, ‘Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya Hai’, Ek Taraf Uska Ghar’ and ‘Mohe Aaye Na Jag Se Laaj’. It may not be incorrect to say that he came, he delivered and he conquered so many hearts making each a fan all over againgiving a “experience of a lifetime, a life enriched by being there on the night,a memory that will be treasured” and so, the intoxication of the night lives on.

And when the theatre was not reverberating with the engaging pulse and seamless rhymes, for instance during the intermission, the audience relished in the tasty savouriesand snacks provided by Harris Park basedvegetarian restaurant, Taj Bhavan’.

Ghazal lovers will swear that Ghazals are best enjoyed with a few glasses of their favourite drink and this was one of rare Indian International Concert where alcohol was sold to the public and pleasing to see that the gesture was appreciated by them in a disciplined manner.

The event in its entirety was a massive success brought to you by Chirag Parikh’s Star Alliance Entertainment and sponsors.

Star AllianceEntertainment is an event organising company that has successfully done several Bollywood events over the years, including traditional events like Garba and Dramas, musical concerts and Bollywood Star Shows. ‘Jashn’ concert left the audience craving for more and eagerly awaiting Star Alliance Entertainment’s next venture. The ticketingcompany for the Sydney concert was TicketBeans.

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