Pamela Anderson’s sons growing closer to stepfather

Pamela Anderson’s sons growing closer to stepfather

21Los Angeles, March 17 (IANS)┬áPamela Anderson’s sons are happy their mom married Rick Salomon for a second time and the two are building a quality relationship with their stepfather.

On Tuesday, Pam and her sons were spotted out to dinner with Rick at Crossroads Kitchen in West Hollywood, California, reports

“Pam was absolutely glowing and was having a great time with her sons and Rick – there was a ton of laughter from their table,” said an onlooker.

The teenagers are currently home on a break from their boarding school.

“Pam loves having the boys at home for their short break: It’s given the Dylan and Brandon to spend more time with Rick,” the source said. “Rick has always been a presence in their life because of his friendship with Pam.

“She was always extremely careful about the men she would bring around them as they were growing up.”

Though their dad, Tommy Lee, remains a figure in their life and loves his children, a source said, the children are much closer to their mom.

Pam and Tommy Lee “are on fairly good terms,” the source said.

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