Pakistan government committee to meet Taliban Thursday

Pakistan government committee to meet Taliban Thursday

pakistanThe Pakistan government’s committee for peace talks will meet the Taliban dialogue-panel Thursday after a failed meet Feb 4, said Irfan Siddiqui, the coordinator for the government committee.

“We will listen to reservations of the Taliban’s committee pertaining to our powers and will also redress them,” Siddiqui said Wednesday.

The proposed peace talks between the government and the Pakistani Taliban were cancelled Tuesday with each side accusing the other of not doing enough to make the process sustainable and result-oriented and raising questions about each other’s seriousness.

Siddiqui said members of the government committee would also apprise the Taliban side of the reservations of the government’s committee.

Siddiqui said the members were ready to meet Taliban’s representatives wherever they wanted.

The government side earlier sought certain clarifications from the Taliban negotiating team prompting the latter to express doubts whether the government really wanted to hold talks.

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