One arrested in Rajasthan for selling stolen goods

One arrested in Rajasthan for selling stolen goods

43Jaipur, May 26 (IANS) A man selling stolen goods, including computers and accessories, on a handcart near a police station in a Rajasthan town has been arrested, police said Monday.

The man, arrested Saturday, was also selling stolen motorbikes at throw-away prices.

The incident occurred near Rampura police station in Churu district, over 200 km from here.

Police said they became suspicious when they saw the man selling these electronic items very cheap and that too on a handcart.

Police said they recovered 12 motorbikes, a dozen of computers, key boards, scanners, printers and other computer parts from different areas of the district.

“We questioned him Saturday, initially he tried to run away but when we pressurised him, he told us that all these things were stolen by him and his friends from different areas,” a police official told IANS.

“We arrested Dinesh on charges of robbery and have started interrogating him to find his other three accomplice,” the official said.

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