On Koffee, Aamir Khan asks Karan: Are you meant to say this on TV?

On Koffee, Aamir Khan asks Karan: Are you meant to say this on TV?

1000One season of Koffee With Khan, two debutant Khans. After Salman Khan told Karan Johar he was a virgin on the first episode, Aamir Khan asks him on episode three, “Are you meant to say all this on national TV?”

“All this” were the revelations that Ranbir Kapoor was dating Katrina Kaif and Ranveer Singh was dating Deepika Padukone, news that had not, it seemed, reached Aamir’s ears.

However, after we heard Aamir say this: “I like girls who are direct. A girl once told me I want to sleep with you,” we have to ask – is Aamir allowed to say this on national TV?!

In the rapid fire round, he also names Kangana Ranaut the sexiest actress and his good friend Salman the one actor he wouldn’t like to see join politics.

Mrs Aamir Khan, director Kiran Rao, also lets one interesting detail slip. When Karan professes himself surprised at Aamir’s seeming ignorance of Deepika’s love life given that he had danced with her at theChennai Express actress’ housewarming party, Kiran explains that Aamir had, in fact, spent the evening in Deepika’s bedroom – with 20 other people.

Aamir, who’s first appearance on Koffee With Karan this is, is famously tight-lipped about his personal life. So when we say this is one episode of Koffee With Karan we can’t wait to see, it’s the gospel truth.

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