Of Indian travel, parents and communication

Of Indian travel, parents and communication

MH30-200x200Have you always wanted a first hand account of Indian culture, traditions and the beautiful landscape – as witnessed by an American? There also have expert advice on leveraging the myriad aspects that influence communication, to grow and be successful. Another expert, on parenting, emphasizes on love as an integral part of raising kids. The work on the IANS bookshelf this weekend is about a young man, connecting with his father after a tormenting childhood. Read on.

1. Book: THREE-QUARTERS of a Footprint – Travels in South India; Author: Joe Roberts; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 282; Price: Rs.295

Joe Roberts stayed five months with the Trivedis in Bangalore. Using their home as a base he travelled all over southern India. This travelogue-cum-novel is his account of meeting extraordinary people, experiencing cultural shock and exploring the traditions of an expansive and rich India.

With chapters’ titles arranged after Hindu lunar months, the book puts places and temples in perspective by recounting their history and importance. A must read for anyone fascinated by Indian culture, traditions and the beautiful landscape of the south.

2. Book: Break Free – Unlock the Powerful Communicator in you; Author: V. Rajesh; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 171; Price: Rs.295

A good communicator exercises “power over others by being able to influence them”. The book, written by an acknowledged retail and shopper behaviour expert, is an attempt to fill the gap in teaching the various aspects that influence communication – from cultural and gender influencers to generational impact, tone, pitch and brevity.

The author quotes a famous song, “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.” Through anecdotes, examples and personal stories, the book tries to make us aware of the conditioning that stops us from breaking free to our full potential to become a Virtuoso Communicator. “The challenge is to first understand what our conditioning is and then overcome it in a positive manner,” is the gist of the book.

3. Book: All You Need is Love – The Art of Mindful Parenting; Author Shelja Sen; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 197; Price: Rs.199

Parenting is easy – until you have your own kids. Child and adolescent psychologist Shelja Sen brings you a five-point approach to parenting – connect, coach, care, community and commit. This book is an attempt to make you stop treating your firstborn as a guinea pig (like the author of this book did!) by using the expert’s advice on parenting and children – over which she has read, reflected and pondered for many years.

It gives you point-to-point instructions on what to do, when, for instance, red-light rules are broken; or when your child is going through a meltdown. It deals with issues like how to listen to your teenager without getting judgmental. It is a book that keeps in mind the uniqueness of a parent and that of a child. It asks you to be self-compassionate and also to fill the emotional bank account of your child with love.

4. Book: Parricide; Author: Bhaskar Ghose; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 273; Price: Rs.399

Ravi is tormented by memories of his childhood – the period of pain and abuse suffered at the hands of his father. The rage, beatings and hatred continue to haunt him.

This fictional tale is Ravi’s journey from hatred to empathy as he is summoned to his dying father’s bedside. Read the book about the choices we make and the price we must pay for even our partial resolutions.

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