NSW Jewish Board of Deputies organises traditional Jewish Sabbath

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputiesorganised a traditional Jewish Sabbath evening experience on May 15, 2015 at The Great Synagogue, Elizabeth St (facing Hyde Park).

Shabbat is the only ritual observance instituted in the Ten Commandments. Primarily a day of rest and spiritual enrichment, the word ‘Shabbat’ comes from the root Shin-Bet-Tav, meaning ‘to cease, to end, or to rest’.

The Jewish Sabbath begins at sunset every Friday evening and ends with the sighting of three stars on Saturday night. The Sabbath is the Jewish ‘day of rest’, a 23-hour long period of reflection and a ‘window in time’ away from the stress of the working week.
The ones present at the event were dressed for synagogue in smart – business attire. In an Orthodox synagogue like the Great, men wear a head covering called a kippah.

The event was a success and theattendees very well appreciated the efforts of the board.

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