Noel Gallagher says no to autobiography

Noel Gallagher says no to autobiography

5Los Angeles, Oct 15 (IANS) Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has turned down offers to write his autobiography because penning a book seems like a “load of homework”.

Gallagher says he doesn’t have the inclination to put the events of his life and career into words, reports

Speaking at a Q&A session at Facebook HQ in London, he said: “I’ve been offered to do it a couple of times, but I read autobiographies and think, ‘That is like a proper load of f*****g homework’. And it is, it’s a lot of homework.

“I struggle to write the words for a song, never mind my life story. If I did write it I’d think it was great until I picked it up in a book shop and then I ‘d think it was s**t. I would just think, ‘I don’t mean any of that.’ ”

However, he admits he would be tempted to put pen to paper if he really needed the money.

“I guess if I’ve ever got literally no f***ing money left and nothing better to do I’d probably consider it. I would do it for £750,000. But I struggle sending texts, you know what I mean?” he added.

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