Nigerian military knows location of abducted girls

Nigerian military knows location of abducted girls

23Abuja, May 27 (IANS)┬áNigeria’s military have acquired the location of abducted schoolgirls, but could not rescue them by force for fear of civilian casualty, the media reported Monday.

Defence Chief Alex Badeh reportedly told News Agency of Nigeria that “the good news for the parents of the girls is that we know where they are,” while adding the army could not go for rescue because “we cannot kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back.”

More than 200 girls of the Chibok community in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria were abducted April 14.

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping and threatened to sell the girls.

People around the world have showed their support for the girls by taking part in protests and joining online campaigns on social networking sites calling for their rescue.

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