Nicole Kidman thinks love is ‘be-all and end-all’

Nicole Kidman thinks love is ‘be-all and end-all’

21Los Angeles, April 22 (IANS) Actress Nicole Kidman, who has been married to musician Keith Urban for seven years, admits he means everything to her and thinks love is “your salvation”.

The 46-year-old recently said that Urban showers her with love notes when they’re apart in order to keep their relationship exciting, reports

When asked what love means to her, the actress said: “It’s the be-all and end-all. It’s your salvation. It’s the thing that keeps you all right, and hopefully, if you’re on the right path, it envelops you and keeps you safe. If you find it, you don’t let it go.”

When Kidman isn’t filming, she enjoys accompanying the “American Idol” judge on tour with daughters Sunday Rose, five, and Faith Margaret, three, because she gets to indulge on fast food.

“Keith and I eat at Wendy’s. You’ve got to remember, I’m with a musician on a tour bus. We do drive-throughs!” she said.

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