New transport laws In WA to improve road safety

New transport laws In WA to improve road safety

1In a milestone for road safety, the State Government has introduced laws making everyone from company directors to packers and receivers responsible for safe transport of goods.


Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ law, which took effect on April 27, covered the transport by road of goods and freight and would help reduce the number of items falling from moving vehicles, among other benefits.


“In the past the onus has rested solely on the driver to secure the load,” Mr Nalder said.


The responsibility now extends to include everyone involved in transporting goods by road – from packers and loaders to those receiving goods, company directors, employers, associations and partners in a managed partnership.


“When goods fall from a moving vehicle they can damage the road and create serious hazards for road users, so this reform should encourage more attention to securing loads.


“It should also create a more level playing field, making it difficult for those operating outside of the law to gain a competitive advantage through overloading.”


The Minister encouraged all parties in the transport and logistics industries to satisfy themselves that their risk management compliance systems were sufficiently robust to meet their obligations under the new law.


“I encourage you to review existing procedures and identify areas that may need attention to prevent a breach of mass, dimension and load restraint requirements,” he said.


The law does not distinguish between types of vehicles, and includes both heavy and light vehicles carrying loads. Consequences of road safety breaches can be far-reaching, with penalties including prosecution and fines.

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