NeerajShridhar – Man with a silver voice shares his story with ‘Indus Age’

NeerajShridhar – Man with a silver voice shares his story with ‘Indus Age’

NeerajShridharNeeraj is an Indian singer-songwriter and is often called as a man with a silver voice. Neeraj with his sound control, diction and sheer range has won the heart of millions worldwide. He has a great ability to pull strings on the guitar and to compose and write songs ranging from pop rock, jazz, hip-hop etc.

He started his music career with several albums like ‘mere sapnokiraanikabayegi’, ‘kyasurathai’, ‘wochali’ etc. He also started giving his voice for the Bollywoodfims and gained huge success.

Neeraj in an exclusive interview with Nikita Sharma at his residence in Mumbai talked about his early years in Bollywood, the formation of the Bombay Vikings, his upcoming projects etc.

Following is an excerpt from the interview: –

Nikita Sharma: Tell me about your early experiences with Music?

NeerajShridhar: I had no connection with Bollywood because I was a rocker all my life, I was quiet known a musician in Delhi, I used to perform in colleges and gigs. I used to come back to India from Stockholm, Sweden to meet my friends but as time passed, I joined a lot of bands in Sweden itself and then never felt a need to come back to India. I used to listen Hindi songs, as it is very natural that when you leave your motherland, you take a lot of things along with you like the culture, traditions and most importantly Music. I used to hum those songs once in a while but every time I used to come to India, I saw my friends making fun of those old songs like ‘mere piyagaye Rangoon’ and I used to join them too in that but always felt bad from inside. I once thought that if I could turn these songs a little bit into western melodies, remix them, people might like them even more and I tried the same and everyone loved it, even in Sweden.


I worked on a few songs and a friend from Mumbai asked me to send my work, the next thing I came to know after I had sent my songs was

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