Napthine-Wells – More drug dogs deployed to sniff out ice and drug offenders

Napthine-Wells – More drug dogs deployed to sniff out ice and drug offenders

57. Eleven new drug PAD dogs will catch ice makers and ice users
. Targeting metro and regional areas, stopping ice getting onto our streets
. The Napthine Government cracking down on ice and building a safer

A key initiative in the Victorian Coalition’s whole-of-government’s approach to tackling the drug problem will see new drug detecting dogs deployed to stop ice and other drugs from hitting the streets.

Premier of Victoria Denis Napthine today announced Victoria Police will receive 11 new Passive Alert Detection (PAD) dogs to help them crack down on ice and drug use, sniffing out ice makers and users in both regional and metropolitan Victoria.

“Make no mistake – if you make or deal in drugs you will be caught. These additional PAD dogs will assist Victoria Police in targeted drug operations and the execution of search warrants across the state,” Dr Napthine said.

“PAD dogs play an important role in a variety of police work, from their obvious presence at music festivals and other public events, to undercover work and raids on ice and drug manufacturers.”

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells said Victoria Police had successfully deployed a number of the dogs in ice raids across Melbourne this week, and additional PAD dogs will take this fight into regional Victoria.

“The new PAD dogs will allow police to undertake more raids, assisting in the breaking up of clandestine drug labs that produce ice, and helping put these ice manufacturers behind bars – if you manufacture or sell drugs, you will be caught.”

Mr Wells said some of the dogs will be based in regional communities where ice is exacting a heavy toll.

“The dogs will be a welcome addition to police operations and will more than double the existing kennel of nine dogs which has already proven itself an efficient and effective part of the Victoria Police force,” Mr Wells said.

“In addition to facilitating the fight against ice, PAD dogs are trained to locate cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy, GBH and cannabis.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is taking real action to stamp out these dangerous drugs, and the increased number of PAD dogs working with Victoria Police will play a key role in detecting, deterring and catching drug offenders,” Mr Wells said.

“Today’s announcement builds on the Victorian Coalition’s whole-of-government strategy to tackling the ice problem.”

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