Napthine – Victorian response to the National Terrorism Public Alert

Napthine – Victorian response to the National Terrorism Public Alert

0Today the Prime Minister announced an increase in the public terror alert
level from Medium to High.

As Premier, the safety of all Victorians is my first priority.

I can assure all Victorians that State and Commonwealth authorities will
remain ever vigilant in their efforts to keep our community safe.

I want to be very clear that there is no specific threat to any
organisation, infrastructure or public event in Victoria.

The increase in the federal alert level is a prudent and precautionary
measure to ensure we keep the Victorian community safe.

It is not based on knowledge of a specific attack plan but, rather, based
on evidence that points to increased terrorist activity in Australia.

Victoria Police have advised that Victorians should continue to go about
their normal business, but be aware of community safety and report any
suspicious or unusual activity.

I can advise that the State Crisis and Resilience Council has met today, as
a matter of course, to review plans and procedures and ensure they are
aligned with the change in alert level.

The Government and Victoria Police will continue to work with the owners
and operators of critical infrastructure to help ensure appropriate
arrangements are in place, in line with the increased public alert level.

In respect to major events, including the Australian Football League (AFL)
finals, Victoria Police are engaged with venue operators to determine what,
if any, additional measures might be required. Victoria Police Chief
Commissioner Ken Lay has advised me that there will be an additional Police
presence at the MCG tonight and that he will be meeting the AFL and the
Melbourne Cricket Club next week in respect to arrangements for remaining
finals games.

Victorians can have confidence in the preparedness of State and Federal
authorities, which will continue to work co-operatively in the interests of
our community and to lower the threat level as soon as possible.

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