Myanmar president pledges lasting peace

Myanmar president pledges lasting peace

11Yangon, March 17 (IANS) Myanmar President U Thein Sein has pledged to move towards lasting peace in the country, saying it is vital to bring a dialogue between the government and ethnic armed groups, official media reported Monday.

U Thein Sein told people during an inspection tour to Myitgyina, the capital of Kachin state, Sunday that the government would start a dialogue shortly after signing a nationwide ceasefire agreement, Xinhua reported.

He guaranteed that the armed forces and the government stood united in working towards peace.

He promised the Kachin people a free and open society that encouraged full participation of all nationalities.

The president called for resolute action to resolve disputes, drawing comparison with the past and stressing that “a blame game creates evil consequences”.

In late January, leaders of 17 ethnic armed groups in Myanmar held a six-day conference, agreeing in principle to the government’s framework proposal for a ceasefire and political dialogue.

According to the government, the aim is to reach individual ceasefire agreements with 14 ethnic armed groups since the president’s peace offer was extended in August 2011.

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