Musharraf’s lawyer submits apology in special court

Musharraf’s lawyer submits apology in special court

40Islamabad, March 21 (IANS) A written apology from Pervez Musharraf’s lawyer was Friday presented to the special three-judge court headed by Justice Faisal Arab as it resumed its hearing of the high treason case against the former Pakistan president.

The written apology was submitted by Supreme Court Bar Association president Kamran Murtaza on behalf of Musharraf’s lawyer Rana Ijaz, Dawn online reported.

Raza Ijaz was barred from entering the court because of controversial remarks that he made against Justice Arab while addressing the court March 11, saying that he had received “life threat from Lyari gang”. He assumed that Justice Arab was behind it and demanded registration of an FIR against the judge.

This presumed accusation against the judge was taken into consideration and the matter was forwarded to the Pakistan Bar Counsel to take disciplinary action against Ijaz.

The special bench accepted his written apology and allowed Rana Ijaz to enter the court.

Musharraf will be presented in court only once the security situation improves.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till April 4.

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