“Mr. Salman Khan played a huge role in my career,” Himesh Reshammiya

“Mr. Salman Khan played a huge role in my career,” Himesh Reshammiya

The composer, singer, producer and actor Himesh Reshammiya, who has delivered hit songs like Odh Li Chunariya, Jhalak Dikh Laja, Khinch Meri Photo, Hookah Bar, among many others and also the ‘overnight sensation’ album Aap Ka Surroor talks about how Salman Khan gave him the big break in the music industry, his new album, Aap Se Mausiiquii, his advice to new singers, his journey in the industry and more in an exclusive interview with Indus Age.

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

You made your debut as a music composer in the Indian film industry 18 years back (in 1998) with Pyar Kia Toh Darna Kya. How do you see your journey when you look back?

For me destiny played a huge role in my life. I believe that it’s not just talent but destiny and God , some divine intervention and blessings which has worked for me. The audience has been very kind as I could deliver 650 songs. I feel the journey has just begun even after 150 films. Of course Mr. Salman Khan played a huge role in my career. He was the one who gave me Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. I was working as a producer in serials and I had some 300 songs with me and it was only Mr. Salman Khan who got those songs out, he’s my mentor. And my dad who taught me what music is…

When a brand becomes successful there are a lot of people behind it. I feel happy that I got the opportunity to thank all those people. Mr. Salman Khan and Salim Sahab gave me that break. My father taught me the technicalities of music and also how to have one to one connection with my audience.

Today, Himesh Reshammiya mentors new talents and has given some of the best singers to the industry. What would you like to say on that?

I have always been told by Salim Sahab that you have to give back to the industry. By launching new talents and coming out with new talents whether its Vineet Singh, Akasa, Palak, Darshan, Rituraj, so many talents have been launched who have sung successful songs. I am coming out with 730 new songs of mine which are very dear to me. It will be launched with a video with a brand name of Himesh Reshammiya. I will also be coming up with my new album which I have not done after Aap Ka SurroorAap Ka Surroor was a huge hit and if God willing my second album Aap Se Mausiiquii will also be received well. It will have 10 videos and 10 songs in the album so I am looking forward to it this year and with a lot of other things next year. I hope the audience bless me and support me.

You’re an inspiration for many but who are your idols and guiding light?

In the music industry I have been following Laxmikant Pyarelal Ji, RD Burman Ji. And my father, the way he used to play chords, play with composition, and have made me what I am today.

An artiste’s life is open to both appreciation and criticism. How do you see that?

The audience has the right to criticize as they give their time and it is a part and parcel of life. One needs to keep improving. You’ve to take it in your stride with a pinch of salt. I also believe that to go to a next level you have to think that you are a new comer , there is someone who is better than you and there’s always a scope of improvement, that’s how I look up to improving myself.

remeshAll your songs, album have become a hit…..what do you think while you are composing?

It’s always the connectivity of the listener, the identification of romance. I feel that everyone has been in love at least once, the connectivity with music should be divine, the notes should be perfect, the ragas, the bandish and then you have to make it as youthful as possible, the sound design has to be modern and contemporary. I do my research; I have my sampling of 50-60 people that make my team. They hear my compositions and they are open to criticize, when it comes into the market it is sampled by 100 other people. And inspite of so many better singers, I feel there is so much of love from the people and some divinity that is by my side.

Your advice to people who want to break through the industry:

Times have changed now; today the composer is very important for a singer to be successful. It is important for a singer to find a new tune for himself or composes himself however he wants to do; he needs to get the tune to look distinct in the market that is in abundance with talented people, he needs to do something different. He has to be in search of that composition, it should suit his voice .A song should connect because there’s a lot of supply from others… But it’s easy to get a break now, you can upload your video, you need to hit the right notes to make it big. You need to reinvent. Bring new concept and structure.

How do you think music industry has changed over the years?

The industry has changed a lot. But I restrict to very less work now as I work on the quality to really go up, I do one or two films as an actor, one or two songs as composer and 5 to 7 songs as a singer. Then my album is to come. I have restricted my work so I could concentrate on my album and give the best music to the people to live up to the expectation of the people after these hits. For the composers doing so much at a time is not a healthy trend but the competition is healthy and those who work hard, it sure will work for them.

Your message for your fans:

Thank you for your support towards my 650 songs. I hope to have your support for my other 650 songs and bless my album Aap Se Mausiiquii which is coming in November, do watch the trailer. Thank you for all the love…

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