Movie Review: ‘Main Tera Hero’ is a total ‘Paisa Vasool’ cine chronicle

Movie Review: ‘Main Tera Hero’ is a total ‘Paisa Vasool’ cine chronicle

33Cast: Varun Dhawan, Ileana D’Cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Anupam Kher, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Saurabh Shukla

Direction: David Dhawan

Eras come and go in Bollywood and it is widely seen that every era is governed by one or the other kind of movie making. But “masala entertainer` is one such ilk of cine crafting, which had never lost its charm, neither among the cine artisans nor among the cine enthusiasts.

Be it the era of 90s or the decade which has just gone by. In every decade masala entertainers have made a mark for themselves and at the same time have bestowed some of our ace leading man with an opportunity of exhibiting their acting talent with utmost prowess.

But in the recent times we witnessed the inclination of some of our cine wizards towards making content driven movies, but in spite of that the art of making masala movies never lost its lustre among those who are adroit enough in crafting an exceptional cine offering despite having a “common or garden” kind of script in their hand.

And undoubtedly `maestro of masala movies`, David Dhawan is one such cine conjurer of Bollywood who has got that magic wand, with which he can effortlessly create a quaint visual delight for the viewers.

In the recent past numerous cine-whiz tried to garner the legacy of this evergreen ilk by casting some of the glittering stars of showbiz, but unfortunately none of them succeeded in doing a thorough justice to the genre. And movies like `Besharam`, `Phata Poster Nikla Hero` and even the `R Rajkumar` failed miserably in extracting the expected response from the audience. But this time it’s the masala movies’ maestro David Dhawan who for the first time teamed up with his son Varun to recapture the apex throne of his fiefdom.

David has got a signature style of movie making from which he seldom prefer to part. Be it about dishing out something totally innovative, or working on the remakes Dhawan never forgets to maintain a sort of uniformity in his creation with his stamp all over the end product. So is the case with just released `Main Tera Hero`.

Although `Main Tera Hero` is the remake of southern superhit “Kandireega”, but in spite of that it has a winsome fragrance of David-ian style of filmography. At the power of which Dhawan introduced the masses to an altogether different side of actors like Govinda, Salman, and Sanjay Dutt in the past.

Anyhow, coming to the premise of “Main Tera Hero”, the movie narrates the story of “happy go lucky yet bad in studies”, Srinath Prasad aka Seenu ( Varun Dhawan) who after receiving an emotional bashing from his father (Manoj Pahwa), of course because of his ‘bad in studies status’, land in a Bangalore based college to prove his worth.

As soon as he arrives in the college he has a rendezvous with Sunaian (Ileana D’Cruz) and falls head over heel for her. But unfortunate for Seenu, there is another stalking rowdy cop Angad Negi ( Arunoday Singh) who is behind Sunaina and want to marry her at any cost.

With the frames rolling ahead our very trickster, Seenu takes up the gauntlet of Angad of winning Sunaina’s heart and subsequently succeeds in doing it too. But things literally get toppled for him when a Bangkok based mafia lord, Vikrant Sighal (Anupam Kher) kidnaps Sunaina because of his daughter Ayesha’s (Nargis Fakhri) fascination for Seenu.

So what happens next does Seenu succeeds in bringing back Sunaina, or ends up sacrificing his feelings to save her. To know watch this mindless yet entertaining cine delight from the factory of David Dhawan.

Be it any decade of David’s cine career, his cine offerings have always made it to cine arena with an unsaid and unwritten disclaimer that “leave your brains at home” if you really want to enjoy the flick. So seems to be the case with “Main Tera Hero”.

Some may find that plot of `Main Tera Hero` is too flimsy to be tagged as something out of the box, but it is that prevailing simplicity in the narration which does the miracle. And on top of it, it’s the scribing dexterity of Tushar Hiranandani who in spite of re-tailoring the storyline for a remake, has succeeded in keeping the USP, i.e. humour, alive.

Garnished with quick witted, Tom and Jerry kind of humour blended with Govinda styled comic timing and that too sans gaucherie, undoubtedly plot of `Main Tera Hero` leaves no space for yawns and ennui. Besides, it’s the guileless yet hilarious dialogues of Milap Zaveri which further adds to the magnificence of the movie.

Even while tackling the screenplay realm Hirannandani has adroitly managed to put the right things at right places in order to keep the viewers’ gazes glued to the big screen. And from inception till culmination flow of the narration seems to be rolling like a slickly flowing stream. In addition to it

But yeah the presence of so many positives doesn’t mean that `Main Tera Hero` is just about goodies. Just like any other cine offering of its ilk, this one too has certain short comings. Like induction of a serious twist just before the half time in a somewhat jocular manner. Moreover, contrary to first half, the post interval part gets a bit sluggish where a few of the overstretched sequences may stupefy the viewers. But keeping in view the overall value of entertainment these minor flaws can be overlooked.

As far as music is concerned then decorated with some of bouncy and invigorating aural delights like `Palat` and `Shanivaar Raati` the music of Sajid Wajid is indeed cheerful and foot thumping. In addition to it the “Govinda cum MJ” styled choreography of Remo and Bosco Martis further adds to the visual value of songs.

Before going ahead with performance analysis, I would like to make a special mention of the fact that, one should not take this thing for granted that because of `Main Tera Hero` being David Dhawan’s cine venture Varun’s bound to get the limelight. And that’s because by his performance the young lad has proved that `Main Tera Hero` in totality belongs to him only. Throughout his performance span Varun has so effortlessly amalgamates the spectrum of acting attributes that you don’t feel like taking your eyes off him. And probably if `Main Tera Hero` would have been his debut flick, then certainly this marvellous performer would have raced miles ahead of his contemporaries.

After her last cine outing `Barfi` this Ileana too has succeeded in putting her best foot forward and looks like a more seasoned actress than her previous cine stint. On the other another leading lady of the movie, Nargis has once again done nothing different and up till some extent fails in leaving any long lasting impact. Arunoday is strictly OK in both of his character types where he plays a rowdy cop on one side whereas a stooge of a sort in other.

After being part of some of the miserable cine flicks in the recent past, Anupam Kher once again returned to his form with a bang. Saurabh Shukla too plays his part with utmost prowess. As far as supporting cast is concerned then Evelyn Sharma, Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Shukla are apt in their respective roles. Besides, unnecessarily obtruded Shakti Kapoor (who plays Johny in the movie) is totally surplus and wasted.

To sum up, despite having a somewhat mediocre kind of script, but decorated with an over the top humour and stupendous performance of Varun Dhawan `Main Tera Hero` is a kind of entertainment whiz-bang for which the viewers were longing after seeing the masala disasters like “R Rajkumar”, “Besharam” and “Phata Poster Nikla Hero”. So for this must watch PAISA VASOOL kind of cine delight, with a half star extra for Varun’s performance, I am going ahead with 3 out of five stars.



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