Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

My first teacher, my first friend,

My confidant, my guiding light, she’s always there by my side,

Loving unconditionally,

Leading me with warmth and care,

She’s my Mother!

My God, my soul, my heart and my prayer!

 Happy Mother’s Day

Kalpana Tolani for her endearing mother

Hindus believe that the mother you get in this lifetime is the only lifetime in which she will be your mother, she may come in the form of a friend or sibling etc., in the next. I am proud to have had such a loving and care free mother and that I got to look after her and spend quality time with her in the last 6 months whilst she was sick. Some of the most joyful and memorable times we shared were all the stories she used to tell me, and the way she used to laugh at a joke for about two days. She had the most beautiful laugh. Through her illness I found the strength to be patient as she hardly ever complained.  Not having her this mother’s day is sad indeed, however I have her memories that are in my heart and with me always. I still feel as though she is with me spiritually although not physically. A few months ago someone emailed me an article on regrets and after reading that I wanted to make sure I would have no regrets with my mother as I had to put everything on stop to look after her, it was definitely worth it as we grew much closer and were able to express our love for each other.

Kalpana Tolani


Sonal Chopra for her beautiful mother

I am so grateful to god that I had a mother like Mrs. Asha Chopra.

Her love and affection was unprecedented right from the day I saw the life of the world. She showered love on me.

Way back in India we had a very comfortable lifestyle with a lot of people to wait on us, unlike here in Australia where no matter how ever rich you are you do your own work. My mother never let me work at home.

She was a famous food expert with her recipes being published in “Manorama” magazine of Allahabad. I remember the birthday parties I had at home which my school friends even miss today and remember my mum because of her yummy dishes specially the ‘golgappas”.

With all the talents she had she was a devout religious lady. The respect she had for customs and how she inculcated it in our family is beyond explanation. Religious beliefs and puja on every right occasions instilled in us children respect for Hindu religion. We miss that in her absence.

The peace at home was all because of her love for the family.

She was a very active lady in the community and did a lot of work for the aged care and the seniors. She was a great support to my father Mr. Dilip Chopra in his political career and his term as a consular for the Shire of Hornsby.

Her involvement in our lives was deep. She made me win the first ever Miss India Downunder contest in Sydney in 1991.Coming back to her life in Allahabad where we come from she was active in social circle as President of Allahabad Inner Wheel Club, member of ladies club and other social organizations. With the status and respect people of Allahabad were drawn to her. The grooming and the care got me the crown of Miss teenager in Allahabad ladies club at the age of thirteen.

And this went on.

Coming to Australia was a different ball game we had to do all our work ourself but my mum was always there for me.

We lost her after the medical bungle due to the cardiac surgeon on 27th June, 2015 at the Royal North Shore hospital.This was a setback from which we have not recovered.

Mother’s Day puts me back to my sweet mother. I can’t get her back but I wish I could be like her. My father, my brother and I pray to God to give her peace and keep her always in our hearts.

sonal chopra


Anju Sharma for her adorable mom

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen,unheard, but always near and blessing us.
My beloved mother left for her heavenly abode,

Leaving us with emptiness and pain beyond measure.

Words cannot express the love I have for my mum or

the heartbreak I am feeling from losing her.

I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.

May her noble soul rest in peace…



Ria for her coolest mom Neeru

I believe the statement ‘personification of God ’ is a correct statement to put forward when you are linking it to your mother. Just like God, she created me and has a great impact on my world. A mother is someone who puts themselves last whilst putting the happiness of children first. A mother is someone who you can trust and rely on and just someone who has your back all the time. I am saying all this from my experience as this is exactly how my mum is. She is at the end of the day like another God to my brother and I, she makes everything possible for us and she is the one we turn to when in doubt or trouble.

Every relationship, with whoever it is, has its ups and downs and same is the case here. We have our moments but there are many more memories to cherish and smile about than cry over. The greatest thing about mum is how she tries to take an interest in almost everything we do. She is so connected to us and our world. In the car when we connect our Bluetooth she is always dancing and trying to sing along to the music we play, sometimes she is over confident and mostly gets the lyrics wrong  but its great because we all have a big laugh over it.  Memories also include how interested and involved she gets when she watches cricket matches and stays up at night with us. We also have heaps of shopping memories and the list goes on and on…..

One thing that I always wanted to tell mum is that I might be argumentative sometimes but I do know that you have my best interest in mind always. We are very lucky to have a mum like you. You guide us so well and you are an inspiration. I love you and admire you and I am sorry if I ever hurt you. Overall I just want to say I hope you have a fabulous day on Mother’s Day …you are the best mum in the world. I love you so much mum thanks for being there for me always.

 Saahil for his super mom Neeru

There have been many sweet moments which I have cherished with mum, but one recent one which I had, was when it was my 13th party. The party was a cricket party and of course it was dependent on the weather. Mum had worked so hard for this party and had put so much effort in to it. Then all of a sudden it started to rain pretty badly, hence we had to call the cricket party off. Ria, dad and I were very stressed but mum wasn’t. She kept giving me ideas on what we could do, but I didn’t like any of them. Until I said I want indoor basketball. So mum with a smile on her face, without stressing went and found an indoor basketball court where we could play. The whole time mum was never worried about how to do it, she just did it! She had to ask many of our family friends to transport the boys to the court because 25 kids and 2 cars were not going to work! Mum managed it all and made it a memorable 13th b’day for me. Mum is also an amazing cook. All my friends love her food. She is always happy and smiling and never panics. I admire her a lot for that. She is like God to us because she loves us, encourages us, cares for us and protects us from anything bad and makes everything possible, she doesn’t know the word impossible basically!

Something that I want to tell mum is that she is the coolest mum and that I just can’t live without her! Love u mum and happy Mother’s Day. You are the best!

ria and saahil


Chandani Mishra for her little angel Ayana

In my 37th week of my second Pregnancy, my daughter Ayana and I have shared a very special bond. Being our first child all our attention has been on her since the past 2 years. I hope nothing changes my relationship with Ayana even when little brother comes along.  Motherhood has been very special for me so far, it has made me a stronger but grounded person and hoping the second one will bring the best out of me as well.



Praveen Mishra for his beloved Maa

I look to my mother when I am happy or sad. She is my voice of reason and I have learnt so much about motherhood and marriage from my mother. For this I am eternally grateful.

There are so many memories that we share together. My mother has shared many memorable moments in my life with me and my family. We enjoy every moment we spend together, whether it be a small meal at home or a big family wedding in Fiji, we are always laughing and celebrating together.

Thank you maa for always being you and taking such good care of your family and ours. We love you.

Praveen Mishra


Foram with her little champ

Motherhood is special!!


Ratnesh Mishra for his kind mother

 A mother is a child’s best friend and confidant, she does not need to hear your words to know how you are feeling, she is able to sense it before you even enter the room. She will always have your best interest at heart. God could not be with everyone hence he created mothers.

I love my mother, she taught me how to love and respect others. I am forever grateful for all that she has done and taught me.

One of the best memories with my mother has to be: Celebrating her 70th birthday with all our loved ones in Fiji. People from all over the world were thrilled to join us during this occasion. The joy we all felt during this occasion was momentous. It was a celebration of the life of a very wonderful person! All of the 250 people had a fun filled evening. My mother’s happiness shone through all night.

Ratnesh Mishra


Ash for her lovely mom

My mum is like a God to me because she gave me birth. When I was a little girl I had told my mum that my first house was her tummy and she was shocked and thought that I was clever.

Sometimes, I am jealous of her because she is always right for the decisions she makes for me..and I want to thank her for everything and her blessings…

Anita Amer and Ash


Ever loving Jasbir Kaur Pooni with Her Children

Mothers are God! They are there for you day and night right from birth.. they feel your pain.. share your worries.. celebrate your successes.. The love of a mother is unconditional an experience I can genuinely share remembering the last 50 years of my life!

All the little things you do for me.. don’t go unnoticed..dropping in, no matter how difficult it must be sometimes due to your health.. always taking the initiative to call when I may be too busy with my life.. bringing me the best homemade ‘kadhu’.. first makes me feel guilty and then very fortunate that I have such an amazing living caring mother..but so often I sit and cry in the middle of the night reflecting upon all you do for me and how little I have the opportunity to give back..This is to say MUM I love you and I wouldn’t be who I am without you!

Jasbir Kaur Pooni

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