Men, women line up to meet Kejriwal

Men, women line up to meet Kejriwal

arvind-kejriwal_350_101811021250Commending Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his team’s efforts, around 80-100 people have queued up at the protest site to support the agitation.

Standing undeterred under the rain on a chilly winter morning, many supporters were waiting to “congratulate” the activist-turned-politician who took office Dec 28.

“I am here to congratulate Kejriwal. He is doing a great job and has my full support,” Raj Kumar, a 65-year-old retired official of the Haryana government, told IANS.

It is not just men who are keen to meet Kejriwal, many women from Delhi and neighbouring states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh too lined up to meet him.

Kejriwal was greeting and shaking hands with people while sitting on the passenger seat of his vehicle at the protest site.

As compared to Monday, the chief minister was seen in a relaxed mood, perhaps enjoying the weather.

The protest by Kejriwal and his cabinet colleagues entered the second day Tuesday as he demanded control over Delhi Police and suspension of five police officials.

The chief minister, along with his ministers and volunteers, spent the entire Monday night on the road outside the Rail Bhavan raising slogans.

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