‘Memoirs to My Younger Self’

‘Memoirs to My Younger Self’
By Ashutosh Raina


A book of domestic violence survivors writing to their younger selves spreading awareness, hope and messages of triumph.

Diversity with Harmony Inc launched Memoirs to My Younger Self – a book compiled of letters from Domestic Violence Survivors to their younger selves.  It is one of hope and celebrates triumph and wisdom, power and awareness over the darkness and despair that once surrounded a victim of domestic violence.

diversityThe words for all those who suffer in silence, for the times you feel there is no hope, for the tears you wipe away for the sake of your children, for the want of a better world – this book is dedicated to you.” echoed through the hall of Parliament House on 28th February 2017, at the official Book Launch of  “Memoirs to my Younger Self” – a Domestic Violence Initiative complied and published by Diversity with Harmony Inc., a not for profit multicultural women’sgroup.

Diversity with Harmony’s mission statement is to fill the gaps that exists in society, through education, free events, seminars and workshops.

The book easily fits into the average handbag for privacy and has local Queensland illustrators and editor. The book consists of letters written to the writher’s younger selves in retrospect, which gives empowerment and an eldership perspective. They are testimonies of power, triumph, aspiration, hope and sheer guts and determination. It also has aresource section for definitions, domestic violence support phone numbers, websites and apps for seeking help.

NO funding has been granted for this project. Only 1,000 copies could be printed and that too with the help of InTech Institute of Technology, because of which the project has been able to get off the ground and into the hands of those needing it most.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, every week, one woman is killed through domestic violence in Australia. Given that statistics, weknow that 1,000 copies barely scratch the surface of all those women, children and men suffering Domestic Violence.

Few domestic violence victims after having read the book say that it is “POWERFUL!” -it fills the gap that is desperately needed in the web of resources for Domestic Violence prevention;  it is a resource that can empower those in Domestic Violence situations day or night, connect with them, and encourage themto continue to break the cycle.

Some select comments:

Sonia  Anderson:It was a great launch and very important initiative”.

Jas Rawlinson – Author, journalist and co-founder of the Brisbane’s first Domestic Violence Memorial: “When I was approached by Diversity with Harmony late last year to contribute to this book, I knew instantly that it would be a life-changing resource; a project that had true power to encourage and instill hope in the lives of those affected by domestic violence’.

Ros Bates -Shadow Minister for communities, women, and theprevention of Domestic Violence: “Stories of women/men who have survived Domestic Violence, I am very proud to have contributed by own story to this book which will hopefully help other women. Fantastic, brave ladies”.

Memoirs to My Younger Self” has been strongly supported by Bennett and Bennett Lawyers (legal advice), and by Shadow Minister Ros Bates.

Books and community packs are available by contacting diversitywithharmony@gmail.com or through their Facebook page: “Diversity with Harmony” – https://www.facebook.com/diversitywithharmony/.

The aim is to get the book into as many public places as possible: doctor’s surgeries, waiting rooms, hairdressers, local services dealing directly with victims of domestic violence, refuges, cafe’s and more. The more resources cast into the community, the more chance there is to have a future healed of domestic violence. It is the hope and intention of Diversity with Harmony: “if this book helps save one life, then the journey has been worth it. But we believe it will do much more that that”.

As stated in the forward of the book: ”The abuse you are suffering is not your fault ,andthat no matter where you are in your journey, it is possible to break free“.

The launch of Memoirs to My Younger Self was joined by Ros Bates, Shadow Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Child Safety and the Prevention of Domestic Violence; Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls, The Honorable John Mickel – Former Speaker of the House and Ambassador for White Ribbon, Inspector Regan Carr from the Domestic Violence and Vulnerable Person’s Police Unit, representing Deputy Police Commissioner of Queensland, Sonia Anderson, Jas Rawlison – Co-founder of Brisbane’s first Domestic Violence Memorial, Unga Tupou – President of the Leniata Legacy Inc., community and multicultural leaders, religious leaders, national speakers.

This book was published in the hope that the stories will, not only raise awareness in the community, but, empower those who are in domestic violence situations to take back their power and make steps to continue to break the cycle.

If you are looking to contribute or provide feedback, contact AmithaJ aggessar: diversitywithharmony@gmail.com


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