Meet the ‘Best Real Estate Seller’ of the Year: Taney Jain

Meet the ‘Best Real Estate Seller’ of the Year: Taney Jain

He has done the largest no. of sales for the year in Wyndham vale area in Melbourne, with his commitment to yield results and his ability to build confidence with his clients Taney is certainly the best man in the real estate world today, for which he has been awarded with the, ‘Reliance real estate seller’ of the year award.

taneyWhen asked about his motivation to get into real estate. Taney said, “I’ve always had a passion for the sales sector. My principal operated reliance real estate  in Werribee  and his influence guided me to join the industry. My prior employment at sales industry helped me gain insight into the property buying and selling process. As I have high energy, I was looking for a fast-paced career and something that allowed me to control my income.”

So, there must have been challenges on road to which Jain replied with confidence, “My biggest challenge so far was moving from being a door to door sales person (which I was from last 6 years) a commission- only sales person for all those years. The leap forward was scary at first, as real estate has some big numbers and without any experience in real estate in start it was very scary; but I embraced the challenge and charged forward. I don’t plan on looking back at all. I currently received the reliance real estate seller of the Year for 2015 award , with 53 sales  and Lister of the year 2015 award  after receiving the Rookie of the Year award for 2014, I have now received support of  one trainee and one assistant who are helping me achieving more great results for the future.”

Taney finds inspiration from his mentor and he has also been influenced by the positive attitude of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.
“I’m inspired by the success of those I work with and I’m proud to be working under the Reliance Real Estate started by my mentor Sunil Kumar he is the real inspiration for me in this industry . The support I receive from our staff allows me to service my clients with a 110 per cent positive attitude as my commitment to them is paramount. I also have positive quotes around my desk and a photo of Sachin Tendulkar on my desktop, who is my inspiration and motivation,” Taney added.

The best sales person who said that he cannot live without his Parents and friends and find himself with ease when with them said, “Downtime is very important to me in my career as a real estate sales agent. More often than not we’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My parents and friends have been a great support of my move to real estate and I can say ‘I love coming to work each day’ as I love my career, I can’t live without my Parents and friends”.

The best real estate agent’s take on technology is-
“Where would we be without the use of phones, computers, iPads and search engines? I’m never far away from any of these – including my client database, which is the most important resource I have on all my devices, but still my favourite technology is the old style with pen and paper that’s my day to day diary”.

His advice to the ones intending to enter real estate-“I would advise anyone just starting out to work with an experienced agent for the first 12 months. I was lucky  to get training under  a multiple award-winning Sunil Kumar who is the principal of reliance  and Senior most agent Donna  Carson who has 18 years of real estate experience ,during this time I gained insight, knowledge and confidence to allow me to adapt and grow quickly in my role as a sales agent. From here I was able to grow a client database before I started working solo.

Find and have a great mentor; my principal, Sunil Kumar, is someone I hold in very high regard. He always has time to share his knowledge regarding the industry – not only to me but to our whole team. We benefit from taking on board his experienced views.

Work within an agency that can give you premium administration support to allow you to list and sell. We have fantastic admin support at our office, which gives my colleagues and me extra time to be out in the community meeting new clients.”


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