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 This year 2016, Melbourne had a very special celebrity appearance arriving all the way from India (Pune); to be part of the Australian-Indian communities. The Melbourne’s new 5 feet idol arrival is exact replica idol of the very famous “Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi” (popular and richest temple in Maharashtra state of India). The original Ganesh idol is insured for sum of US$150,000 and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is best celebrated with spirit of enthusiasm for the supreme God of wisdom, fortune, prosperity and Vighnharta (remover of all obstacles).

Vinayakk Kolaape , President of Maharashtra Businesses and Professionals council (MBPC) thought that it was time that Melbourne devotees and attendees were able to celebrate with deep faith and enthusiasm and have Ganapati Festival public celebration to bring all walks of people together in a Multicultural Australia and share the culture and traditions of the biggest festivals of India. This Ganesh festival is celebrated in the rest of the world (mainly celebrated as Hindu Festival originally but today it brings all castes, religions and creed together) including countries like United Kingdom, Mauritius, France, USA, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Burma, Fiji and many more. With Indians residing in every corner of the world, this festival (runs for 11 days) is more like an international festival now. In some countries, it is a public holiday and mainly celebrated in religious temples (on different scales and levels). Devotees visit temples (or stage mandaps) and offer Aarti and festive dishes; as well as perform traditional music and dances and celebrations continue till the 11th day. “Ganesh Festival is a celebration of tradition, prosperity and happiness through which we bring people of all backgrounds to a single platform to share our love to each other and celebrate,” Mr Kapil Katpelly, Vice-President, MBPC.

The first year MBPC Ganesh Festival in Melbourne attracted overall more than 4000 crowd with diverse audiences from all backgrounds especially families to celebrate the festival. This is by far the most attracted and diverse Ganesh Festival event in Melbourne. This year’s event was supported by more than 30 community members coming from wide range of ethnic backgrounds and expertise. They joining hands together to support this multi-cultural community free event. This is a testimonial and a great achievement in it-self, as that was the main aim and purpose of creating this platform in the beginning to exhibit the famous tradition here in Melbourne. More and more support is coming through and MBPC organisation is appreciating everyone and working together in bringing the benefits to the community. A special thanks was given to “NATIONFIRST”, an independent organisation which is promoting cultural heritage and is associated with many local organisations such as MBPC in volunteering and working collaboratively to achieve overall objectives.

This year’s FREE ENTRY MBPC event was organised on Sunday 11th September, 2016 @ Werribee Racecourse with plenty of food stalls, market stalls, rides and entertainment stage. A very special template stage was made to exhibit the special Ganesh idol for devotees and attendees to offer and perform rituals. The atmosphere was full of happiness and each and every attendee was memorised by the Ganesh Idol and its beauty and grace. A small idol procession started from the main entrance with plenty of dhol and dance making its way to the main Ganesh idol. The main idol was decorated with all rituals and traditions by the priests. Everyone enjoyed the various entertainment (dance performances) and traditional music and able to meet and greet their local community members. Kids had plenty of rides including various delicious food offerings by local business community. MBPC specially thanked all the business community (and support of non-profit organisations) in coming on-board to support this noble initiate.

The highlight of the evening shall always be the traditional Auction of Ganesh Laddu (a special sweet of 5KG was made this year). The Ganesh Laddu was auctioned for AUD $5K dollars and the joint winners included “Praveen Nalla & Shree Patil & Raj Saini”. The auction was conducted by Anand Chukka; who ensured both auction bidders were not going with empty hands but collaborated together in sharing the auction winning Laddu. This is again the testimony of the true collaboration when one needs to celebrate Ganesh Festival with happiness and love. “We thank all the community supporters; volunteers and business organisations for their kind support in making Ganesh Festival a big success and achieving one of the objectives of MBPC platform. We look forward to our next year”, Vinayakk Kolaape, President MBPC said.

Maharashtra Businesses Professional Council (MBPC) is a non-for-profit organisation. A platform created to support Business community and Professionals in Melbourne. As part of community responsibility; they also actively support various Cultural events here in Melbourne. MBPC  aims to facilitate opportunities, depict various forms of cultural music shows and assist members to showcase Indian arts, Culture, films and food via various activities, seminars, fairs and events and make such events affordable or Free for maximum participation of Community which in turn promotes diversity and showcase our Multicultural Australia.

The below are the working members of this year that helped make this year’s event a great success.


MBPC Event Committee Members: Mr Vinayakk Kolaape (President); Mr Kapil Katpelly (Vice President); Mrs Neha Kolape (Treasurer); Mr Sreepal Bokka (General Secretary);

Dr Kushagra Bendale (General Secretary);Mr Suren Vangapally (Secretary); Mr Sanjay Sethi (Co-ordinator); Mangirish Bordawekar (Cultural); Vyoma Bhatt (Cultural)

MBPC Advisors:Mr Praveen Nalla; Mr Anand Chukka; Mr Shree Patil; Mr Aakash Kumar; Mr Aloke Kumar; Mr Mittal Ruparelia; Mr Vijay Gangasani


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