Matthew Mason-Cox med rel: Cutting red tape for tradies on the border starts on 1 December

Matthew Mason-Cox med rel: Cutting red tape for tradies on the border starts on 1 December

16New laws making it easier for licensed tradespeople to work across state borders and promise to cut red tape for small business will start on the 1 December, NSW Fair Trading Minister, Matthew Mason-Cox, confirmed today.

Mr Mason-Cox said the Mutual Recognition (Automatic Licensed Occupations Recognition) Bill 2014 will allow certain licensed occupations, such as electricians to carry out their trade in NSW on the basis of the license they held in their home state.

“From Monday, NSW, Queensland and Victorian electricians will be able to work across the Queensland and Victorian borders using the licence issued by their home state,’’ Mr Mason-Cox said.

“This means electricians no longer need two licences to work when they are doing work on the border. “They will face less paperwork and fewer fees that they would otherwise pay to hold numerous licences for the same work.”

Mr Mason-Cox said the NSW Government was committed to streamlining interstate recognition of occupational licensing, making it easier to do business for tradespeople living and working in border communities.

“Queensland already recognises some NSW electrician’s licences under their Electrical Safety Act and regulations, which allows NSW electricians to work in Queensland without needing a further licence, he said.

Mr Mason-Cox said consumer protection continued to be front and center of these reforms, which ensured that inter-state licensees were subject to the same rules as local licensees when they do work in NSW.

“NSW Fair Trading will be able to take disciplinary and enforcement action against inter-state licensees who work in NSW,” he said.

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