“Marathi film Page 4 is a story of a common man”

“Marathi film Page 4 is a story of a common man”

page 4 filmA new upcoming Marathi movie Page 4 is produced by our own Melbourne duo Shailesh Walimbe and Jaydeep Yeole. Astonishingly the pair and their friendship have an amazing story to tell. They met in a very different situation about 12 years ago. Shailesh was working as a bartender in the casino and Jaydeep was a new migrant looking for a job.  They never knew then that their first meeting was just  a start of a life long bond. Our representative got an opportunity to chat with them and discovered a perfect example of trust, support and mateship.

In their apprentice and struggling days both had a small family and rented apartments closer to the city of Melbourne. Weekends were usually a family gathering with delicious food, drinks and lots of dreams about the future. The small talks however always ended up with a feeling of nostalgia about Pune and India.

Both Jaydeep and Shailesh come from a modest background.  Jaydeep’s parents were school teachers while Shailesh’s parents retired from LIC. “I had a strong support from my family to move overseas and explore  new horizons”, says Jaydeep  about his family.  The feeling was echoed by Shailesh. “Even our parents have now developed a good bond and catch up regularly,” adds Shailesh.

page 4“Living overseas without any family support is character building. It teaches you to be independent, confident and vulnerable at the same time. Your friends are your only support network and I was lucky to find a friend like Jaydeep”  told Shailesh reciting olden days. “I can’t agree more. I still remember the days when we used to rely heavily on each other for many things in sickness, sorrow and of course happy moments. We had an unwritten rule that we could use each others’ contact details in any references that are needed in schools, hospitals and even jobs.” Jaydeep was smiling when he informed this to our reporter.

“I still remember when Jaydeep cleaned my house including toilet, doing dishes and vacuuming on the day my wife and new born son were returning from the hospital” . Both became a little emotional as they recalled how Jaydeep decided to move on and relocate to India with his family after 12 years. “Shailesh and his family became even closer with the distance. There is not a single day when we do not chat or call. Nothing about or relationship has changed since I left Melbourne” concluded Jaydeep.

Mood changed around when we started talking about their upcoming venture. Jaydeep has already produced a Marathi movie “Baavare Prem He” while Page 4 is Shailesh’s first project. “Its funny the way it has gone. We used to talk about a business almost every time we met, which was pretty much every evening for a beverage. But we had no idea it will result in such a big adventure. I really appreciate Jaydeep to think about me for this.” “When I first started Yeole Film Production and decided on the film, the first and perhaps the only ally naturally came to my mind was Shailesh.” They both were excited and almost talking at the same time.

“Page 4 is my story”, said Jaydeep, “the story is about a common man and small problems they have in their lives. As a common man we often tend to look away from the social injustice and increasing  hooliganism in our society. This is not limited to the typical middle class, if anything; lower middle class is more on the receiving end of this rowdiness. The film focuses on this issue and tries to showcase that unrest and mental conflict”.

“We hope people like our creation. We are here for a long journey. With some luck and lots of good wishes from people, we are hoping to create more movies based on other social issues”, told Shailesh.

Jaydeep joined this interview via Skype while Shailesh was here in Melbourne to talk to us. “We are looking to create a movie based in Melbourne. We will keep you updated with our progress on that project too”, they promised.

We look forward on that promise and wish very all the best for their movie.

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