Manmohini Indian dance school: Delivering quality training for Indian Classical Kathak Dance

Manmohini Indian dance school: Delivering quality training for Indian Classical Kathak Dance

Manmohini Indian Dance School founded by Mohini Joshi Bordawekar in 2009 is the premier Kathak dance institution training many students of different ethnic backgrounds from all parts of Melbourne. The institute’s success can be gauged by the fact that it has four branches (Glen Waverly, Donvale, Mernda and Laverton) delivering authentic Indian classical dance. The dance school has kept the richness of the Indian culture alive and breathing in full spirit.

The brain behind the institute Mohini Joshi Bordawekar is a trained Indian  classical Kathak dancer herself. She had her training  at Late Guru Pandita Rohini Bhate’s ‘Nrityabharati Kathak dance academy, Pune’  under the able guidance of Guru Smt Amala Shekhar .She is also a Masters degree holder in Kathak style from Centre for performing Arts ,University of Pune.

Mohini has performed all over India ,along with the troupe of  Nrityabharati Kathak Dance Academy, Pune. Today, she is the founder, creative director and the only teacher at Manmohini Indian dance school .

The ever graceful Mohini is passionate about preserving this traditional art treasure and adding many dimensions to the style through creative projects. She believes in Delivering quality Kathak dance productions and creating authentic impression of Indian Classical dance in Australia .

Mohini along with her students have been performing to spread their love towards this beautiful Kathak dance style and introduce this art form into the multicultural community of Victoria.

Few important performances led by Mohini include:

  • “MPavillion” Project, 2016, Part of Confluence Festival Organised by Government of India and Australia.
  • Annual concert 2016 “Vishwa” by Federation of Indian Music and Dance Victoria, collaboration of 4 Indian Classical Dance styles.
  • Charity fund raiser dinner hosted by Multicultural Affairs minister, and Hon. M.P. Mr. Hong Lim in presence of Hon. Premier of Victoria , Mr Daniel Andrews in March 2016.
  • Participation in the events organized by the Federation of Indian Associations Victoria.
  • International dance day 2016 organised by Art of Vinyasa dance school, Melbourne.
  • Indian Film Festival Melbourne every year since 2014.
  • White night festival 2015.
  • Pako Festa, Geelong 2014.
  • Federation Square Victorian Fest of Diwali ,every year since 2012.
  • Ballarat Eureka Festival 2009.

Kathak Rang 2016’: The beautiful journey of Kathak Dance Style

The evening of 17th September, 2016 was dedicated to the tradition of Indian Classical Kathak Dance style. Manmohini Indian Dance School presented “Kathak Rang” the colourful journey of Kathak dance style from ancient times to modern era.

It was the 3rd annual concert delivered successfully by the school and the Biggest ever Kathak concert in Australia with full house audience. It was a delightful showcase featuring 50 trained Kathak dancers from the school, very colourful display of lights, different genres of music which enhanced the effects of ancient to contemporary times and an array of spectacular costumes and jewellery detailing the specific phase of time which was complete with enchanting sound of bells.

Mohini gracefully unfolded the origin, history and evolution of Kathak style through 13 different choreographies such As- Five Elements, Vedic Tradition, Temple Dancing, Folk element of Holi, King Court Dancing, British Raj (Presented by shadow dancing was the highlight of the event) followed by stage dancing, Kathak-Bharatnatyam bonding, Meditation Kathak, Western Symphony Orchestra and Kathak, Contemporary Trio Kathak and Sufi Kathak. Kathak Rang , in true sense brought to life the soul of Kathak Dance Style from India.

The event was attended by some VIP guests such as . Ms. Manika Jain (Consulate General of India, Melbourne), Mr. Rakesh Malhotra (Deputy Consulate General of India, Melbourne). Mr. Arun and Mrs Jaya Sharma from Celebrate India, Mr. Vinayak Kolape and Mrs. Neha Kolape from Indus Age.

In the concluding speech Mr. Arun Sharma said that he was “mesmerized by the graceful dance performances” and he also added with a smile, “Melbourne is a richer city because of Mohini and her dance school.”

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