Man kills six members of his family

Man kills six members of his family

killA man killed six members of his family with a hand plough in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh over a property dispute, police said Friday.

The incident took place around midnight in Pilkhana village when accused Momin attacked his father Mausam Khan, 80, his brother Shaukin Khan, 60, his brother’s wife Shanno, their two children and another family member.

All the six family members died on the spot.

The police said the entire house was splattered with blood and the dead had multiple wounds on their bodies.

Inspector General of Police (Meerut) Alok Sharma said the case appeared to be the result of a property dispute over a brick kiln.

As the news of the killings spread, hundreds of villagers rushed to the spot where heavy police force was deployed.

Police said the accused walked out of the house after murdering his family members as if nothing had happened.

He also bolted the house from outside and when police arrived on being informed by neighbours, he told them he was on his way to his own house and was unaware of any commotion.

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