Making a Real Difference: Victorian Cultural Association (VCA) Donation to Mercy Foundation

VCA thanked all the working committee members; supporters and local community in contributing to the donation of AUD $2000 as part of Wyndham Holi Festival 2016

Victorian Cultural Association (VCA) as part of the community charity partnerships, decided to raise funds to support Mercy Health Foundation (local community hospital and foundation) to show the strength of care as well to raise awareness about giving back to the community. VCA Wyndham Holi Festival 2016 platform attracted the biggest crowd in Melbourne (more than 15000) with diverse backgrounds and all age groups (kids, adults, family and elders); setting a great atmosphere for Community Strengthening and celebrations of Cultural Diversity.

“VCA organisation shall continue to support charity organisations and raise funds to support through the Wyndham Holi Festival platform and work with these charity partners in collaboration to support overall objectives of the community care,” the members were quoted as saying.  Bridget Sutherland (Mercy Health Fundraising Manager) congratulated VCA Organisation for this huge support which further strengthens the community care support while opening many new doors for future fundraising activities through community support.

Neha Kolape (Secretary, VCA) handover the Certificate of Donation to Bridget Sutherland (Mercy Health Foundation – Fundraising Manager); while Vinayakk Kolaape (President, VCA) handover the Amount (AUD$2000) to Rochelle Donovan (Fundraising & Donar Engagement Coordinator); also present during the occasion were Anand Chukka & Sanjay Sethi.

VCA Patron Mr Arjun Surapaneni, congratulated on this occasion as well emphasised the organisation to continue achieving real outcomes and making real difference to the community. Mr Praveen Nalla (Vice President, VCA) also congratulated the community and working members who came out in support for this noble cause and mentions that there should be many more such activities to be conducted which shall encourage other charity partners to come along and gain the benefits through Wyndham Holi Festival platform. Wyndham Holi shall continue to engage and build good working relationships with all community members and organisations to achieve strategic objectives. Mr Kapil Katpelly, said “Building more effective working relationships and having an open communication dialogue always helps us to involve and interact and lead new initiatives.”

About Mercy Health:

Mercy Health, Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Health employs over 7,000 people who provide acute and subacute hospital care, aged care, mental health programs, maternity and specialist women’s health services, early parenting services, home care services and health worker training and development. Mercy Health employs people from many cultures and backgrounds who, irrespective of their beliefs, share a common bond to care for those in need. Website:

For more information about VCA organisation, visit website or for any enquiries you can contact via email


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