M47 Performance Festival in Melbourne

M47 Performance Festival in Melbourne

Melbourne 47 is a site-specific performance festival celebrating the City of Melbourne: the streets, the people, the life, the action, the quiet, hidden corners, the stories and histories, sometimes uplifting, sometimes troubled, the many atmospheres which make this vibrant, diverse city the living place it is.

In reference to the declaration of Melbourne as a city by Queen Victoria in 1847, the Environmental Performance Authority is staging 47 performances around the streets, parks and buildings of the city. Between November 12 and December 12, the city comes alive with a wild assortment of performances, some serious, some scurrilous, some surprising, some lasting days, some lasting minutes, some in the well-known sites and some revealing hidden or lesser-known places. Many are participatory events, inviting audiences to open their imaginations and senses to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the city.

Launch Event on 12/11/16 at M47 Hub Space
Corner Little Bourke St and Rose Lane CBD
7pm onwards



Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program



Venue:                 The City of Melbourne

Dates:                   November 12th – December 12th 2016

Tickets:                 All events are free (some require booking)


To Book Visit:www.epaperformance.org/melbourne-47/



Instagram: @epaperformance



Alana Hoggart (Producer)

0412 751 405






Artists Involved in M47:


Peter Fraser
Dr. Stuart Grant
Helen Smith
Dr. Gretel Taylor
Yoka Jones
Alana Hoggart
Sam McAuliffe
Sophie Perillo
Jonathan Sinatra


With Guest performances by:
Aunty Carolyn Briggs

Frank Van de Ven
Ryuichi Sydney
Amaara Raheem
Janette Hoe
DjirriDjirri Dancers

And guest talk and exhibition by Jill Orr

Photography by
Alice Hutchison


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