“Love stories can often be very predictable but ‘BaavarePrem He’ scores different on that front” – Jaydeep Yeole

“Love stories can often be very predictable but ‘BaavarePrem He’ scores different on that front” – Jaydeep Yeole

3JaydeepYeole, a Melbourne business man, after a successful decade in Melbourne decided to go back home to chase his dreams, his passion about magical Indian movie world. Jaydeep has successfully produced his first Marathi Movie “BaavarePrem He” with his friends. The film is directed by a leading director AjayNaik and his high school mate.

Very rarely you find films that instantly connect to your heart and take you with them in a different world of dreams. A similar experience is seen with ‘BaavarePrem He’, which was released on 26 September.

The movie revolves around Neil Rajadhyaksha (SiddharthChandekar) and AnanyaShirodkar (UrmilaKothare) who have a different perspective about love as individuals, and when they meet each other and fall in love, it is altogether a different experience for both of them.

The movie has Goa at its backdrop, which has made it a visual treat for viewers. Very rarely you see Goa being captured so beautifully, and a big round of applause for the Cinematographer for the same. Along with the cinematography, the music of the film is a big USP. Ajay Naik has once again delivered a very rich music, with singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, BelaShende, HrishikeshRanade and ApekshaDandekar delivering superbly as singers. The songs have been written and shot amazingly too and they are weaved very smoothly in the film’s story plot.

Love stories can often be very predictable and very similar, however, ‘BaavarePrem He’ scores different on that front as the movie takes a completely unexpected turn during the proceed of events. Siddharth looks very promising as a Writer in the film and he has portrayed the journey of a College boy to an accomplished writer, fabulously. UrmilaKothare is very loveable and charming as Ananya and she has once again proved that she is a fabulous actress.

The supporting cast of Vidyadhar Joshi, AshwiniEkbote, TejashreeDharane ,SupriyaVinod and ShanatanuGangane is amazing too.

A special mention about the look of the characters in the film, the Costumes are superb and the look given to the artists is also very different.
In short, Jaydeep’s‘BaavarePrem He’ is a film worth watching as it takes you on a lovable journey of emotions and love.

Jaydeep is a proud follower of RICH DAD “Robert Kiyosaki” and that has influenced him in diversifying interests and investments. Jaydeep has recently met Robert face to face and calls it as a “proud GOLDEN moment” of his life.

Jaydeep settled in quickly in India after long 10 years in Melbourne with his wife and 3 sweet daughters. Jaydeep’s wife Neha is a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist and is happy to busy with her new Clinic and a passion towards mental health.

Apart from movie making Jaydeep is also passionate about helping businesses in India. He has helped many businesses and individuals being an Expert Business advisor and a Wealth Coach.

Jaydeep has always been fascinated about real estate world. After establishing a solid portfolio in Australia, India and Thailand and has plans to enter into US and UK real estate market.

Indus Age team wishes him all the best for his Movie and his future plans.

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