Lots in a Signature!

Lots in a Signature!

Celeb Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani shares some valuable Signature Tips:

A dot is a full-stop if put between or after name or a Signature. Now who wants a Full-stop between them & progress?

A.R.Rehman was advised the same; within months of taking them off picked up Oscars!

Unfortunately the message didn’t reach L.K.Advani!

His years of hard-work is resulting in fruits going elsewhere!

‘3 reasons why we picked Narendra Modi 3 years ago when there was no Namo Wave-

1) Rahul Gandhi’s Signature ends with a dot

2) Rahul was in his 44th year during Elections.
44 is 8, Saturn, strict Lord of Trials.

3) Modi was in his 64th (6+4=1, Sun, Leadership) year!
On our suggestion there were no dots in Aamir Khan’s biggest hit, PK {Earlier P.K.}

Incline alphabets of your name upwards, from 15 to 45 degrees angle; like a Plane taking off, signifying growth, rather than signing in a straight line, like a Train!

How many-noticed Blockbuster Chennai Express title moving upwards? One train that flew!
Ditto with SRK’s next Block-buster, Happy New Year!

Salman’s Super-stardom began with ‘Dabangg’ that also had an extra ‘G’ & was titled upwards too.

Notice inclined title & underline (platform, support) of our latest suggested film spellings, Singh Is Bliing that’s Akshay Kumars biggest opening films.
Kangana’s biggest, ‘Queen’ too was titled inclined upwards!
A Line below Signature serves as a platform or support beneath.

Avoid cutting name with the line that should start from top to end at the end of signature.

Line should not dip downwards & must be parallel to signature.

Often we try to jumble & cut alphabets in our signature so it can’t be copied!
But cutting across name is self-destruction. Any signature can be copied as such misdemeanours are works of fraudulent experts who can even copy Narendra Modi’s signature!

Adolf Hitler’s Signature revealed clear signs of a Downfall.

He ended his Signature by drawing a line coming back & plunging down.

Tainted Indian Captain Azharuddin also signs with last stroke coming down.

Avoid Black ink. Black represents Saturn {Shani} that’s associated with delays. The New Zealand Cricket team haven’t been performing since decades sporting black. KKR in IPL were at the bottom for 4 years sporting black till on our advice they changed to purple resulting in them picking 2 cups in 4 years!

It is not always that we recommend a change of spellings in Numerology; Rahul Dravid & Anil Kumble were just asked to change their signatures that resulted in them becoming Captains of the Indian team.
I changed my signature some 14 years ago to soon be able to change other fortunes too as I ended up chucking my struggling sales-job of 17 years to now have the pride of being the most sought-after Numerologist in the World!

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