Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant today released the latest list of the state’s most violent venues which shows violent incidents in listed venues have dropped by 84 per cent since the scheme began.LATEST VIOLENT VENUES LIST RELEASED

There were just 200 violent incidents across 14 venues compared to 1270 incidents across 48 venues on the first violent venues list in 2008.

The latest list also has Sydney’s Ivy nightclub dropping down to level two restrictions and the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust (including Allianz Stadium) as the first sporting venue to be listed as violent.

Ivy has previously been listed as a level one violent venue for the last four years and has been working with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) and Police to reduce the number of violent incidents from 23 in the previous list to 14 currently.

The SCG Trust accumulated 12 incidents (4 NRL, 3 cricket, 2 rugby, 2 AFL and 1 soccer) over the last financial year, placing it on level 2 restrictions.

Mr Grant said the latest violent venues list goes to show that if you are committed to reducing the risk of alcohol-fuelled violence the community reaps the benefit and restrictions on your business are relaxed.

“The vast majority of venues act responsibly and take their obligations seriously,” Mr Grant said.

“I congratulate the six venues across the state that have been removed from this latest list and it is pleasing to see Ivy working with OLGR and Police to drive down violent incidents.

“While just one violent incident is too many, proactive engagement with the industry together with the Government’s tough liquor laws are driving down violence, not just in the CBD but across the entire state.

“The challenge now is to continue to reduce the number of incidents and make nights out in NSW safer for everyone.”

A full list of Level One and Level Two violent venues and the conditions imposed on them is attached.

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